Team Herronators Baking Angels ~ March 2015

Featuring Army National Guardsman Michael Hagen

* See Team Updates Below ~ Photos and Notes from our Troops

A little about Team Herronators

A big thank you to Rachel Walters for referring Michael to us! Rachel was Team Invisibles back in 2013. It's great to be able to continue our support of the Army National Guard.

Michael writes, "We are an Army National Guard unit out of Nebraska, the 195th Forward Support Company (Special Operations) (Airborne). We are a team of 10, broken out in 3 separate Middle East countries. Our primary mission is to logistically support operational forces. For 10 people, we do about the workload of 30, making for long days and nights sometimes."  

Meet Shawna Tibbets of Team herronators

"The majority of us are from Nebraska.  I told people before leaving that I was heading overseas to snowbird (my folks go to Arizona every year to do the same, so it's similar)."

I asked Michael if he'd ever ridden a camel and he responded, "Haven't ridden one, but there are herds of them everywhere.  So instead of worrying about deer like at home, you can come over a hill and see these on the road."

Michael enjoying a hot cup of tea

Michael mentions, "We get to low 30's at night and it's just starting to get to 70. It's actually cold where we sleep, maybe 58."

Rachel shared additional insight about Michael. Rachel, Varinka Ensminger of Team Strong Bow, and Michelle Lewis of Team Task Force Reaper were a part of the marathon team that was coordinated by Michael before his deployment.

It's wonderful to see our past team recipients continuing to refer their replacements and friends for our Angel TLC! I know our Angels will be sure to send some incredible Goodie Boxes!

Special Requests

Michael shares a few of his groups needs and interests:


* Team Updates!

Team Herronators has had a wonderful turnout and shipments of Angel Goodie Boxes are heading their way now! Angels are sending in photos and notes are coming back from our Troops of just how much they appreciate our support. Thank you to all my Angels for always being there for our Troops and for supporting our mission.

Michael writes, "I cannot thank you and the Angels enough. The pillow cases are wonderful. They sure beat the plain white ones. Now the treat, WOW! I was going to take a picture of them, but they literally all disappeared in less than two days. They are fantastic, or I should say were. We still have the cake in a cup to try, which looks pretty fun!


I can't thank you all enough. I saw on many, how taking a bite of a cookie transformed them to being at home. It sounds strange, but it's those little things that do it. I gave Shawna her box and she was so surprised she had one for herself. She came to me yesterday and says, 'I'm not going to lie, I ate everything in there'. Thanks to you and the Angels, you make a dull place much brighter."

March 23, 2015: Michael messaged, "Just when you think you are having a bad day, the Baking Angels come to the rescue!" Always fun hearing back from our Troops and knowing we helped them through their day!


From of a couple of our box deliveries...oops..all gone already? Glad you enjoyed them, Michael!