Team Invisibles Baking Angels

* See our updates below!


Featuring Rachel Walter as our December Nominee

A little about Rachel and Team Invisibles

Rachel shares, "We are a small team of 14 MPs from 2 different Military Police Companies out of the Maryland Army National Guard.  (The 200th MP Co. and the 290th MP Co.) We also have an additional 10 people from various other military units working with us.  Our 2 MP companies deployed earlier this year to Afghanistan and we are all split up into similar small teams all over the country. Due to the nature of our mission, I can not disclose our exact location, hence Team Invisibles! We are here in response to the attacks of 9-11, to do our part in OEF and the war on terrorism."


Rachel is most appreciative of our Angel efforts as she writes, "Groups like yours remind us that our efforts are appreciated and warranted.  The care packages that soldiers receive, especially when they are surprises from people we don't know, are always greatly appreciated and bring smiles and excitement to our day. Thank you for all that you are doing and have done for the military and your country!"

Mail to Rachel and Team Invisibles can take anywhere from 3 - 6 weeks for delivery. The items we ship must be able to handle this lengthier delivery time. Please keep this in mind if you are baking. She also mentions that they have a PX, so access to soap, razors, etc. are plentiful.

Rachel has a few suggestions...

Chips, pretzels, coffee, microwave meals like single serve ravioli or mac & cheese. They cannot cook anything, so must be microwavable.

Rachel writes, "Creamers and splenda go pretty quickly and we are always at a shortage of healthy snacks, as well. Whole grain crackers, turkey jerkey, freeze dried fruit, nuts. These guys really like surprises... so anything will be greatly appreciated."

For additional ideas, check out our Cindy's Baking Angels Wish-list on Amazon! In order to ship, you must be a registered team member and must wait until the shipping information is provided so that you can direct ship to Rachel.


* Team Updates!

Our Team has grown and we are now preparing for the shipping phase! Our photos below are from our Angel Team. Thank you to all for helping to make this holiday a special one for Rachel and her Battle Buddies!

From Angel Angie...I wonder what is all wrapped up in those festive bundles? Rachel and her Battle Buddies will enjoy unwrapping them I'm sure! Thanks, Angie, for sharing your TLC with our Troops!

From Angel Crystal to Teams Invisibles & Panthers! Homemade pillowcases plus adorable Fleece hats and scarves!! Crystal is my Vegan specialist and always packs a whollop of treasures in her boxes for our Troops. Thank you, Crystal, for supporting our Troops and being such a wonderful Angel!!

Baking Angel Gloria ships to Team Invisibles! Baking Angel Gloria ships to Team Invisibles!

Baking Angel Gloria ships to Team Invisibles!

Baking Angel Gloria ships to Team Invisibles!

Baking Angel Gloria ships to Team Invisibles!

From Angel Gloria of Gloria and her Angels packed 20 boxes of goodies to ship to all of the teams! Each team received 2 boxes each! Thank you Gloria and friends...your support is greatly appreciated!

From Mary Ann...I think I want to put in my order for some of those chocolate pretzels! Rachel and her battle buddies are in for some really cool treats! Thanks, Mary Ann!

From Peggy...minus one little kitty, of course! Thanks, Peggy!

Box #1 from Cindy! A few extra surprises coming your way, Rachel!

Box #2 from Cindy is filled with Reeses's Brownie Smoosh, Ghiradelli Chocolate Chip-Pecan cookies, Lemon Sugar cookies, Ginger cookies, Rice Krispie Treats, and a surprise butterscotch, I think!