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Featuring SSG Vashti Torres as our June 2012

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Vashti and I are friends on Facebook and she was a referral from a member of Team Air Wolf. Vashti often quotes books and poetry and has shared one of her favorites with us….

"Come to the edge. We can't, we are afraid.
Come to the edge. We can't, we will fall.
And they came to the edge. And he pushed them. And they flew."
By Appolinaire

I see Vashti’s spirit in here soaring as she’s pushed to the edge and one who enjoys a challenge. Vashti is single and also loves long walks on the beach, which is super because she is stationed in Hawaii.

SSG Torres has been in the army for 9 years and was born and raised in Iowa. She is the Senior Intelligence Sergeant for her Task Force and is part of Team Diamond Head. She flies a lot of intelligence collection missions, but also manages the intelligence reporting and dissemination for her pilots before they fly their missions, i.e. enemy threats to ground and air forces. Vashti says she really enjoys her job out there. 

Team Diamond Head (2-25 Aviation Battalion) is stationed in Wheeler Army Airfield, Hawaii, and is currently deployed to Zabul Province, Afghanistan.  They are a part of the 25th Infantry Division, which has a long and successful history of numerous operations. Diamond Head has been deployed to Vietnam, Somalia, and Haiti for numerous campaigns, as well as more recent deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq.  Diamond Head also supported Earthquake Relief Operations in Pakistan, providing aid and disaster relief to millions of Pakistanis using their aviation assets.

Team Diamond Head is responsible for multiple flight missions, including medical evacuation (MEDEVAC), scouting, and troops/equipment transfer across several provinces of Afghanistan.


Team Diamond Head has completed four months of their year-long deployment, and will be the last unit to complete a full year deployment; Diamond Head is proud of the feats they have already accomplished in this short time.  Team Diamond Head works hand-in-hand with units from other countries, assisting with joint operations and building rapport with the Afghanistan government and citizens.

Diamond Head’s motto is “Lele Makou No Na Puali,” which is Hawaiian for “We Fly for the Troops.”  They proudly serve every day to live up to that motto.

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UPDATE: June 1, 2012

Team Diamond Head began shipping today! We still have room for 8 more volunteers! To join, head to and sign up!

Here are some photos of goodies that are shipping out! More photos should be arriving soon!