Team Strong Bow Baking Angels

Task force name: KY ADT IV, TF Strong Bow
SPC Summers and SGT Teegarden – leaving on a convoy mission

CPT Varinka Ensminger is part of the Agricultural Development Team, which is made up of Kentucky Soldiers and Airmen from across the state. She writes, “Our mission falls under the COIN mission. We are here to develop sustainment in the Southern region of Afghanistan, Kandahar.

In the photos above, “SPC Summers was the driver of my vehicle and SGT Teegarden was making sure our communication system was operational. Both soldiers are key elements to the mission. Here on "Team Strong Bow Baking Angels", we all have a special part of the mission, as do you. Thank you for the support and thinking of us.”

“We are made up of soldiers from many disciplines such as agribusiness, biology, plant science, teaching, forestry, engineers, public affairs, female mentorship, and security forces.“

Ensminger states, “Our mission is to go into the villages that may support terrorism through poppy production and offer them alternative methods to sustain their family and earn income. Knowledge and a strong part of the male labor force has either been killed or lured into corrupt parts of society, so our goal is to help those that want to learn and provide for their families. This way we help build their communities, earn trust and gain information that may cause a potential security risk for our soldiers.“

“We are a 61 person group with 3 civilian embedded within our element-
9 women, 52 men.”

Varinka has shared these special requests for our team. They are in need of women's hygiene products, f-breeze, air fresheners, dryer sheets, Tide with Downy, healthy snacks, and cards to send home (the PX has very little).

For more information, please feel free to email me at

UPDATE FROM VARINKA: Photos from Varinka in the field working with Afghan women. Great job, Varinka! Proud of all you are doing and please be safe!

Here are some photos from Team members of the boxes of goodies heading to Team Strong Bow!

Thank you to all for your dedication and sharing nature!