Team Task Force Reaper Baking Angels

Featuring Michelle Lewis as our November Nominee!

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Thank you, Michelle Lewis for your thoughtful gift. I will share these patches with our Angels and know that we welcome you to our fold when you return from deployment! We were honored to have been able to support you during your deployment.

Michelle mentioned that the TF Reaper ALSE patch is her aviation life support patch. All flyers have a "Call sign" and hers is Black Widow. The second patch is her Unit patch.



A little about Michelle & Team TF Reaper

Michelle is currently deployed to Afghanistan and is in the National Guard. She is a single mother with her youngest being 3 years old.

She writes, "I'm assigned to the 1-135th ARB D Company (this is my second deployment; I was in Iraq in 2002-2003).  We are an AH64 unit out of Whiteman AF Base.  Our deployment began in March 2013 as we travelled to Fort Hood, TX for UFTP. We stayed at Fort Hood for 4 months before mobilizing to Afghanistan. 

Our BN consists of 4 line companies and HHC-approximately 300 National Guard soldiers from Missouri.  We have been spread out all over Afghanistan and currently only HHC, D Company and B Company are in this area."

Michelle shares, "I am the Task Force NCOIC of Aviation Life Support and am also an AH 64 Crew Chief.  My job is to make sure that aviators are able to fly and the helicopters have their survival gear and first aid gear. I work with UH60, UH47 and AH64 aviators and helicopters.  D Company's mission is to maintain and repair AH64 helicopters including commo, avionics and weapon systems.

Our overall mission here is to assist SF in security missions as well as defending against the enemy forces.  We work directly with them as well as the UH60 and UH47 active duty crews.  We are on an FOB/airfield. 

Our food is "mermites" (containers that transport our rations to us) located in one of the tents here at the airfield.  The main PX is very small with little to no amenities.   My line company consists of approximately 59 soldiers-9 of us are females.  We are grateful for anything! The females don't have a lot of "feminine" things such as toiletry items ie shampoo, soap, face wash, lotion etc."

Michelle is most appreciative of anything we are able to do. As you can see their life is rugged and I know my Angels will find a way to provide some creature comforts to her and her friends.

Special Requests

Toiletries, Shampoo, Soap, Face Wash, Lotion, Feminine products..and of course our baked goodies are appreciated!


Our Angels are preparing to ship and already we are getting images of their goodie boxes! Thanks for the pictures and please keep them coming!

From Sarah...thank you for your continued support!

From Melissa....thank you for your support!

From Mary Ann...first layer in her goodie box. Thanks, Mary Ann!

From Mary Ann....layer 2...much needed items especially with winter coming soon!

From Mary layer...great additions and more ideas for future boxes! Thanks, Mary Ann!

From layer...See those pillowcases? Peggy always ships homemade fresh ones to our Teams!

From Peggy...first layer...mmmm...lots of snacks and look at the air freshners! I do believe they are in demand! Thanks, Peggy for your awesome support!

From Donna....layers 1 and 2 of her goodie box for Michelle!

From Donna....last layer.....Thanks, Donna!!

From Sue....Thanks, Sue!!

From Cindy

From Cindy....layer one ...Ghiradelli brownies, Reese's Chocolate Chip Brownie Smoosh, Ghiradelli pecan chocolate chip cookies.

From Cindy...layers two and three...Ghiradelli Chocolate chip w/walnuts and pecans cookies.

From Cindy....all boxed up ready to go!