Cindy's Baking Angels

Welcome to Cindy's Baking Angels!

Angels Dedicated to Providing Support to our Deployed Military typically in war zones and aboard MEU's with baked goods and comfort items.


Semper Fi Sisters: Special Projects in need of Angel Support!

Forgotten Coast Warrior Weekend & Beach Blast 2017

Semper Fi Sisters, our partner and affiliate, has a very special invitation for you and are in need of our Angel support. Two very special projects, Beach Blast and Forgotten Coast Warrior Weekend, are coming up and SFS is in need of our Angel support once again.

CLICK HERE for more information!


Our February Teams are now closed. Please come back February 24th to sign up for our March Teams!

Thanks to all for your wonderful support of our Teams! We're looking forward to supporting many more deployed Troops this year! Refer your deployed Troop today for our special Angel TLC! We have one opening for April and two for May.


Meet our March 2017 Teams arriving February 24th!

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Team USAF Ammo 2 Baking Angels ~ March 2017

Featuring MSgt Stephen Paynter

Team USAF Ammo 2

Members of Team USAF Ammo 2 awaiting c-17 engines to warm them up in Bangor, Maine before deployment.

A little about Team USAF Ammo 2....

You may remember that back in December we supported USAF Ammo with Chet Wood. Chet's replacement has arrived and we are excited about the opportunity to support our Airmen during their new deployment. Thank you, Chet, for referring Stephen and his Buddies for our Angel support!

MSgt Paynter writes, "Great to hear from you and I really appreciate all that you and your Angels do to support me and my coworkers while we are away from home. I cannot tell you how much it means to these men and women when they receive that kind of love and support from home."

For more information about Team USAF Ammo 2, CLICK HERE!


Team 1/4 Comm Baking Angels ~ March 2017

Featuring LCpl Silas Townley

Team 1/4 Comm Baking Angels

A little about Team 1/4 Comm...

Thank you to Shannon Petersen for referring her son, Silas, for our Angel support! We are looking forward to sending him lots of Angel TLC!

Shannon writes, "Silas is a Lance Corporal with the 1/4 Marines, Data/Comm. He is currently a part of the 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit aboard the USS Somerset. This is his first deployment. Unlike some, he did not dream of becoming a Marine, it found its way to him.

For more information about Team 1/4 Comm, CLICK HERE!


Team USS Bataan Baking Angels ~ April 2017

Featuring Cpl Chris Wilcox

Team USS Bataan

More information coming soon! Please stop back!



Pillowcase For the Troops Winter Project!

Look at that smile on Michael Hagan's face of former Team Herronators! Pillowcases have become very popular with our Troops. Each month I ship out homemade fresh new pillowcases to our Troops and the response has often been that they were one of their most favorite items!

We have numerous Teams coming up and the demand is great.

For more information and to sign up, see Pillowcases for the Troops Winter Project!


Winter Helmet Beanie Project is now closed!

Thanks to all who have participated!

Winter Helmet Beanie Project

We had such a great success with our 2016 Holiday Helmet Beanie Project for our Troops that requests are coming in for additional Helmet Beanie hats for our winter teams! I need your Angel support once again!

Our deployed Troops really can use some warm head gear! Knitters and Crocheters are needed to create these special Helmet Beanies. I hope you'll consider supporting this project and feel free to share it with others!

For more information, see WINTER HELMET BEANIE PROJECT! Deadline for project is February 27th.


Cindy's Baking Angels is taking a bold new step! We've enjoyed a good partnership with for nearly six years and have supported 104 Angel Teams with over 345 Angels in our network. It's been a thoughtful decision, but I've decided to go out on my own and broaden support for our deployed Soldiers.

To find out more about "The Changes" coming in 2017, and how you can easily join our Teams or refer a deployed Soldier, please CLICK HERE!

Be sure to sign up for our monthly Angel News List! We are seeking Troop referrals for April and May 2017! See "Referrals" for more information or contact me with any questions you may have.

With your support we will be able to continue this important mission and bring our deployed Troops your much needed Angel TLC. Thank you for your support!

~ Cindy Zamirowski



Referrals Needed!

We are seeking referrals for April & May 2017!

Refer your deployed Troops today!

Deadline for March referral information is March 10th. First come, first served! Contact me today for more information!


Special Treasures Received

Team Raptors with Molina Semple sent our Angels a very special embroidered patch as a thank you! On behalf of our Angels, I thank you, Molina and Team Raptors, for your kind gesture. It will be treasured!

Team Justice League recipient Cpt. Monty McCoy, presented us with a very special treasure...a flag and certificate. This flag was flown over Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan on September 11, 2014, in support of Operation Enduring Freedom by the 313th Military Police Detachment "GATEKEEPERS, All In-Never Fold".

Thank you, Monty and all your Troops for this beautiful sentiment. It is very much appreciated!

Team Panthers recipient, Travis Williams, sent us a very special package. We are honored and this is for all my Angels!

Team Task Force Reaper, with recipient Michelle Lewis, shared these beautiful patches with our Angels. We are honored.

Team Bayonet with Anthony Costello was kind enough to send us this special Certificate of Achievement to our Angels. We were honored to be able to support your Troops and wish you all a safe journey.

Cindy's Baking Angels has received five very special awards from members of our Military Teams. Travis Williams of Team Panthers, Michelle Lewis of the 1-135th ARB D Company, Anthony Costello of the 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team, MSgt David Billa and the US Marine Corps, and MAJ Guido Lyons of Task Force Diamond Head!

On behalf of Team Justice League, Team Panthers, Team Task Force Reaper, Team Bayonet, Team Leatherneck, and Team Wings of Lightning, I proudly and humbly accept Team Panthers US Flag, which was flown on every mission over Kuwait by pilot Travis Williams, along with their patch and Coins; Team TF Reaper patches; and our US FLAGS that were flown over Afghanistan (U.S Marine Corps) and during a combat mission on July 4, 2012 (Task Force Diamond Head;, and Certificate of Achievement (173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team). Thank you all for your effort and caring nature. This is for all my Angels!