Cindy's Baking Angels

Welcome to Cindy's Baking Angels!

Angels Dedicated to Providing Support to our Deployed Military typically in war zones and aboard MEU's with baked goods and comfort items.

Seeking referrals for our April and May 2016 Rounds! Let us ship baked goodies and comfort items to your deployed Troop! See "Referrals" for more information or email "Cindy's Baking Angels!"

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* Updated February 5, 2016 @ 6 p.m. CST

Summer Neck Coolers for Our Troops!

Summer will be here before you know it and our Troops will be looking for some cool relief on those hot days. We had such wonderful success with our Helmet Beanie Project, that I thought we should give Neck Coolers a try! To all my sewers, this is a project I hope you will consider! Please CLICK HERE for more information and how you can participate!


Pillowcases for the Troops

Our Angels are always seeking ways to enhance the deployment of our Troops and what better way than to create beautiful pillowcases!

Pillowcases for the Troops

CLICK HERE for my video!

For our Angels who enjoy sewing, consider creating pillowcases for our deployed Troops! CLICK HERE for more information!


Team Manion Baking Angels ~ February 2016

Featuring SGT Katie Rombola

Team Manion is FULL! Thanks to all my Angels for supporting our Team! Be sure to check out our Upcoming teams and refer your deployed Troop for our Angel TLC! Questions? Contact me!

Team Manion Baking Angels

A little about Team Manion...

Many thanks to Brenda Garth of Semper Fi Sisters for referring Sgt Rombola for our first 2016 Cindy's Baking Angels Team!

Katie writes, "I am a Sgt in the Marine Corps stationed on Camp Pendleton, California. I am a food service specialist working as the Food Service Mess Chief for the Chow hall. I am currently deployed with Special Purpose Marine-Air Ground Task Force.

For more information about Team Manion, CLICK HERE!



Team Bravo Bayonets Baking Angels

Featuring SPC James Minor

Team Bravo Company Baking Angels

A little about Team Bravo Bayonets....

The Billa Family have quite a tradition with our Angels. SPC James Minor is the nephew of MSGT David Billa of Team Leatherneck and cousin to CPL David E. Billa of Team Black Sea, two previous Baking Angel Teams! We are proud to be able to support such a noble family and thank them all for their service and sacrifice! James was nominated by his Aunt Roberta Billa. Thank you, Roberta!

James' mother, Karen Jones, has provided us with a little insight into son. Thank you, Karen, for sharing your son with us! I know our Angels will shower James and his Buddies with our wonderful Angel TLC!

Karen writes, "James is from Florida and is in the motor pool. His Unit works specifically on the Bradley Assault vehicles. He's been in the military for two years."

For more information about Team Bravo Bayonets, CLICK HERE!



Team Black Knights Baking Angels

Featuring CPL Alexander Weeks

Team Black Knights Baking Angels

A little about Team Black Knights

Cindy's Baking Angels is proud to present Team Black Knights! A big thank you to Alexander's mother, Janet Weeks, for nominating her son for our April round!

Janet writes, "Alex is originally from Florida and was born into a Military family. He followed his father’s footsteps and joined the Marines in 2013.  He is stationed at MCAS Miramar with Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 314.

For more information about Team Black Knights,



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Referrals Needed!

We are seeking referrals for April & May 2016!

Refer your deployed Troops today!

Deadline for April 2016 referral information is March 10th. First come, first served! Contact me today for more information!


The Story Behind Cindy's Baking Angels....

Four years ago, following my retirement from middle school teaching, I set out to find an outreach program that would give me a sense of accomplishment.

A friend led me to, an organization which supports our deployed Troops. I became a team leader and now 4 years later with over 270 Angels in our network, "Goodie Boxes" are shipped monthly to our deployed Troops by our Angels.

Our "Goodie Boxes" are as diversified as our Angels. Baked goods, comfort items our Troops need, plus some fun and creative items are sent lovingly each and every month.

We are always seeking Troop referrals and welcome Angels to our network. Scroll down and see how you can become an Angel or Refer a Troop for a future team!

Thank you for visiting and please share with friends and help our Mission to grow!



Team Building

Cindy's Baking Angels builds its Angel teams monthly, in affiliation with

"Baking GALS (GALS stands for Give A Little Support) is a group of volunteer bakers from around the country who bake and ship homemade goodies to our heroic military men and women who are currently deployed in a war zone. Our goal is to show our support and send a little bit of home to remind them that we appreciate all that they do for our freedom."

Each month I sponsor a different Military recipient(s). Recipients are often referred to me by family members, friends, and by our military recipients themselves. Any deployed Military Troop is eligible who is in a war zone or MEU. To refer a special Troop, please see Military Referrals for more information. Our services are free of charge to all Troops.

Once Cindy's Baking Angels selects a recipient(s), information is published on Team sign-up can only be completed through and prospective members must be registered for their site.

Team building begins the 24th of the month and shipping is from the 1st - 13th of the next month. Team size is limited to 20 members. Baking is not a requirement. Often members send toiletries and other comfort items to help make our Soldiers' lives a little easier. Our Angels ship independently to the deployed Troop(s).

Once team sign-up is complete, I provide a detailed Team Newsletter with tips for shipping, baking, and other tricks I've learned that will be of help to newbies as well as veterans. I support my team unconditionally and any questions or comments are welcomed.

If you're seeking a communicative and supportive group, then Cindy's Baking Angels is the right match for you. Come and join us!


Special Treasures Received

Team Justice League recipient Cpt. Monty McCoy,presented us with a very special treasure...a flag and certificate. This flag was flown over Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan on September 11, 2014, in support of Operation Enduring Freedom by the 313th Military Police Detachment "GATEKEEPERS, All In-Never Fold".

Thank you, Monty and all your Troops for this beautiful sentiment. It is very much appreciated!

Team Panthers recipient, Travis Williams, sent us a very special package. We are honored and this is for all my Angels!

Team Task Force Reaper, with recipient Michelle Lewis, shared these beautiful patches with our Angels. We are honored.

Team Bayonet with Anthony Costello was kind enough to send us this special Certificate of Achievement to our Angels. We were honored to be able to support your Troops and wish you all a safe journey.

Cindy's Baking Angels has received five very special awards from members of our Military Teams. Travis Williams of Team Panthers, Michelle Lewis of the 1-135th ARB D Company, Anthony Costello of the 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team, MSgt David Billa and the US Marine Corps, and MAJ Guido Lyons of Task Force Diamond Head!

On behalf of Team Justice League, Team Panthers, Team Task Force Reaper, Team Bayonet, Team Leatherneck, and Team Wings of Lightning, I proudly and humbly accept Team Panthers US Flag, which was flown on every mission over Kuwait by pilot Travis Williams, along with their patch and Coins; Team TF Reaper patches; and our US FLAGS that were flown over Afghanistan (U.S Marine Corps) and during a combat mission on July 4, 2012 (Task Force Diamond Head;, and Certificate of Achievement (173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team). Thank you all for your effort and caring nature. This is for all my Angels!