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Donate & Support Our Troops

Supporting our numerous Troops each month is an honor and pleasure. Sometimes Angels find it difficult to ship goodies on their own and seek an alternative way to support. By donating, Cindy's Baking Angels will purchase and ship items in your name to our Troops. Shipping costs are also one of our biggest expenses and that's another way your donations can help. I hope you will consider making a donation.

Non-deductible tax donations may be made via PayPal or EMAIL ME if you'd like to send a check.

Donate with PayPal

Troops will receive notification of your donation with a special note included in your shipment. Every cent you donate goes to the Troops in either goodies or assisting with shipping costs.

You will also be included in the Team's final report and receive notification of all responses and photos received from our Soldiers.

Thank you again for considering a donation. It goes to a very worthy cause. We appreciate your support!


Cindy Zamirowski