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Team Dolly Baking Angels ~ January 2022

Featuring SGT Samuel Hughes

A little about Team Dolly .....

Thank you Miranda Ball, Samuel's girlfriend, for referring SGT Hughes for our Angel support this month! Our Angels are looking forward to showering Samuel and his Buddies with delicious goodie packages.

Miranda shares, "Samuel is a Mechanic and just recently got promoted from corporal to sergeant! He is from Jackson, Ohio, and has been in the Ohio National Guard since about 2013. This is his second deployment and he really misses homemade baked goods and his favorite is chocolate chip cookies!" 

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Team Bravo Baking Angels ~ January 2022

Featuring Garrett Weathers

A little about Team Bravo...

Cindy's Baking Angels would like to thank Anna Weathers for referring her son, Garrett Weathers, for our support this month. Our Angels will take very good care of Garrett and his Buddies!

Anna writes, "Garrett's group are mortarmen with 1/5. It has been a huge culture shock for the guys!  For most of these guys this is the first time they are so very far away from home, most of them are young."

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We are actively seeking referrals for February and March 2022! Angel Goodie Packages! Who do you know that can use our Angel support!

Our Armed Forces need our support and your referrals are the only way we can continue our mission. Our Angels are counting on your assistance! Thanks to all!

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