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Team 3 BN 1 MAR Baking Angels ~ May 2023

Featuring Andrew Barnes

A little about Team 3 BN 1 MAR....

Cindy's Baking Angels is pleased to support Andrew and his Buddies this month. Thank you, Shanda Barnes, for referring him for our support! Our Angels will take very good care of them.

Shanda shares, "Andrew, we call him Andy, knew he wanted to join the military at the age of six. He early enlisted at the age of 17 and joined the Marines shortly after graduation. He has been in for almost two years and this is his first deployment." 

For more information about Team 3 BN 1 MAR, CLICK HERE!


Team 3rd Battalion 6th Marines Baking Angels ~ May 2023

Featuring Justin Skeens

A little about Team 3rd Battalion 6th Marines...

Many thanks to Mindy McGowin for referring Justin for our support this month. Our Angels are looking forward to sending lots of goodies to Justin and his Buddies!

Mindy shares, "Justin knew he wanted to join the military since he was a child. In the 9th grade he joined the schools Army JROTC program. He was in all four years and was on the Raiders and Drill teams. He is one of eight high school buddies back home that all became Marines. He is the only one who chose Infantry as his MOS. There was absolutely no way to talk him out of it. He said he joined because thats what a true patriot does."

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Team Purple Foxes Baking Angels ~ June 2023

Featuring Phillip Vance

A little about Team Purple Foxes...

Cindy's Baking Angels wishes to thank Natalye Seffernick, Phillip's mother, for referring him and his Buddies for our support this month. Our Angels will take very good care of him! Thank you for the opportunity.

Natalye shares, "Phillip's dream throughout high school was to be a US Marine. I was shocked when his plans changed his senior year of high school and he decided to start college. Phillip completed a 1 1/2 years of college and then the pandemic hit. Being hands on in a classroom setting, Phillip decided to take a break from college."

For more information about Team Purple Foxes, CLICK HERE!


Team 3-1 Baking Angels ~ June 2023

Featuring Cristina Young

A little about Team 3-1...

Many thanks to Cristina's mother, Fabiola Young, for referring her daughter and Buddies for our support this month! Our Angels will take good care of them.

Fabiola shares, "Cristina started training as a poolee with the Marine Corps recruiters during her junior year in high school. She joined the ROTC program during her four years in college. Her determination, perseverance, and mental fortitude were there all along, hiding in the princess dresses she loved to wear while growing up! This is her first deployment."

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