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Team TF Warriors Baking Angels ~ July 2019

Featuring SSG Christopher Romeo

Team TF Warriors

A little about Team TF Warriors....

Cindy's Baking Angels would like to thank Danielle Romeo, Christopher's wife, for nominating Team TF Warriors for our Angel support! Our Angels are looking forward to sharing their Angel TLC with them during their deployment.

For more information about Team TF Warriors, CLICK HERE!


Team Evil Eyes Baking Angels ~ July 2019

Featuring Captain James Cryer

Team Evil Eyes Baking Angels

James is on the left in the above photo. He is standing next to his youngest brother who is a student Naval aviator, following in his brother's footsteps. 

A little about Team Evil Eyes...

Many thanks to Marty Cryer for referring her son, James, for our Angel support this month! We're looking forward to supporting James!

For more information about Team Evil Eyes, CLICK HERE!


We are actively seeking referrals for our August & September Angel Goodie Packages!

Who do you know that can use our support during their deployment? We support all of our Armed Forces. Refer your Soldier today and let our Angels support your special Troop with their Angel TLC.


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Now is a great time to get involved and support our Troops. Never has there been a greater need to show our Soldiers just how much we appreciate all that they do for us and the huge sacrifices they make on our behalf.