Team Warlord Warriors with a Purpose Baking Angels is Now Closed.

Featuring LCPL Justin Poole

* Thanks to all of our Angels who supported our Team this month! Our Team is now closed for registration.

A little about Team Warlord Warriors with a Purpose.....

Cindy's Baking Angels is proud to support LCPL Justin Poole again! Thank you to his mother, Melissa Mohundro, for referring him for our support. Our Angels are delighted to be able to share their Angel TLC with Justin and his Brothers!

Melissa writes, "Thank you all so much for your support!!! Savannah, Justin’s deployed sister, is currently receiving packages from your Angels and they are all absolutely loving it and are so grateful for your kindness and generosity!! With what we’ve already experienced with your group, we know these boys will, once again, be very well taken care of!"

For more information about Team Warlord Warriors with a Purpose, CLICK HERE!




Refer your deployed Troops today!

Please continue to refer your Deployed Soldiers for our support. We are seeking recipients for June and July 2021. Questions? Please email me.

Now is a great time to get involved and support our Troops. Never has there been a greater need to show our Military just how much we appreciate all that they do for us and the huge sacrifices they make on our behalf.