Our THREE December Teams open on Friday, November 24th! Come and join our Angel Community and bring Christmas to our Troops!


Team Detonators Baking Angels ~ December 2017

Featuring SPC Nicholas Poellnitz

Registration opens November 24th and closes December 15th!

Team Detonators

A little about Team Detonators...

Cindy's Baking Angels is pleased to announce that we will be supporting Nicholas Poellnitz for one of our December Holiday Teams! The name may seem familiar to our Angels because we've supported Nicholas's twin brother, Andrew, with Team Havoc!

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Team Mighty Ducks Baking Angels ~ December 2017

Featuring LCPL Abagail R. Hall

Registration opens November 24th and closes December 15th!

Team Might Ducks Baking Angels

A little about Team Mighty Ducks...

A big thank you to 'Momma Duck', Lisa Hall, for referring your daughter Abagail, affectionately known as 'Baby Duck.'

Lisa shares, "Abagail "Baby Duck" is the youngest of 3 children and the only girl....her brothers helped to make her tough. She grew up in a small town in Kentucky and finished high school in the top of her class. We thought she would go on to college but that just didn't seem to fit her. So since both her brothers joined the Army National Guard as Medics right out of high school, she said she saw something in the military she liked."

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Team SPMAGTF Forerunners Baking Angels ~ December 2017

Featuring GySgt Tamara Woody

Registration opens November 24th and closes December 15th!

Team SPMAGTF Forerunners

A little about Team SPMAGTF Forerunners...

Many thanks to SFS Brenda Garth for referring GySgt Woody and her Platoon for our support this month!

Woody writes, "I am a married Gunnery Sergeant of Marines and mother of three handsome young men, one of which is a Marine. I have been assigned a platoon to deploy with and provide logistical support for the mission. Our jobs range from Supply to Maintenance and we come from all over the world."

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Pillowcase For the Troops Winter Project!

Look at that smile on Michael Hagan's face of former Team Herronators! Pillowcases have become very popular with our Troops. Each month I ship out homemade fresh new pillowcases to our Troops and the response has often been that they were one of their most favorite items!

We have numerous Teams coming up and the demand is great.

For more information and to sign up, see Pillowcases for the Troops Project!



We are seeking referrals for January & February 2018!

Refer your deployed Troops today!

Deadline for January referral information is December 10th. First come, first served!

Contact me today for more information!

Now is a great time to get involved and support our Troops. Never has there been a greater need to show our Soldiers just how much we appreciate all that they do for us and the huge sacrifices they make on our behalf.