Team Renegade 2-6 Baking Angels

Featuring CW2 Jose Graulau as our July Round 43 Nominee

July 29: See Updates below!

It's with great pleasure that I introduce CW2 Jose Graulau as my July team recipient! Jose's name came to me by way of his wife, Yasmin, who is a familiar face among Cindy's Baking Angel's teams. Yasmin wants this to be a surprise for him!

Yasmin shares a bit about Jose and his Renegades...

Jose was born and raised in Puerto Rico and is 35 years old. He began college with the hope of becoming an accountant. However a move to Florida mid-semester changed his life significantly. He joined the military and has been an active member for 17 years. His military career began as an enlisted combat engineer, but switched to a warrant officer/pilot/safety officer. This is his third deployment and Yasmin hopes his last. He loves music, movies, video games, baseball, boxing, traveling, and coin collecting.

"The Renegades are a group of 51 OH-58 Kiowa pilots and enlisted service members, and warrant officers who work 12-hour shifts, with very few days off, protecting and deflecting from high above. Most of these service members were stationed together in Iraq 18 months ago and actually extended their tour with Alpha Troop, 2-6 CAV so that they could deploy together again, trusting each other to keep each other safe," according to Yasmin.

She goes on to say, "Besides the long work days, they have a 1-hour round trip bus ride to get them to and from work, making their days even longer. They do this with little complaint, as they are all unified in their objective: keeping America/American's safe from terrorists. We, here at home are so proud of the dedication and bravery that they show each and every day, and would like for them to know that people who don't even know them feel the same way."

In May, the Renegades welcomed a new addition to their forces ~ W01 Pepe!

According to their May Renegade Report, "We found Pepe wandering the desolate streets of Kandahar on April 21st, and we immediately knew he would be a perfect addition to the troop. He’s agile, never talks back, and has an uncanny ability to win over the heart of nearly any insurgent."

"Fitted with a new leather jacket, white scarf, and a custom pair of night vision goggles fitted by Mr. McSwain, Pepe took his inaugural flight in an OH-58D Kiowa Warrior on April 27th. He flew with LT Griffith and Mr. Vareka because their cockpit was most able to endure the added weight of a third body without limiting performance and power. Mr. Vareka said Pepe used his nose to guide them towards enemy personnel. “Pepe’s instinct was so keen and sharp, that despite his lack of flight skills, I would sign him off as RL1 today. He’s a true force multiplier and will make a great Air Mission Commander one day,” raved Mr. Vareka." the guys embellished just a little...I learned from Yasmin that the dog part was not true. I found their humor to be quite engaging, though, didn't you?



Update July 29, 2012 ~ Received a lovely thank you from Jose and the Renegades this morning. Here are a few photos he included! Looks like the Troops really enjoyed our goodie boxes, ladies!

Update July 13, 2012 ~ From Yasmin, "The boxes are rolling in to Jose'! He is so thankful to everyone who contributed. Everyday he tells me how many boxes he got, what was in them, and how they are being divied up among the troop. He is also making care packages with some of the goodies to drop off to soldiers that are stationed at the little refueling outposts that they stop at located in the middle of nowhere. Thank you guys, again, for supporting MY favorite soldier!!! ♥"

UPDATE July 4, 2012 ~ Shipments are heading out to Team Renegade! Jose should be receiving them soon and I can't wait to see the look on his face! I do hope they will take a few pictures for us :). Here are a few pics of what is heading his way from our Team! Thanks to all for sending!