Team Arrowhead Baking Angels

Featuring SPC Brian Ludt as our August Round 44 Nominee

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Many of you may recall Team Strong Bow, a Cindy’s Baking Angels Team back in April. CPT Varinka Ensminger was kind enough to share a nominee referral for our August Round, SPC Brian Ludt, of Team Arrowhead, who is in great need of our TLC this month.

Brian shares, “I'm a Civil Affairs specialist with the 426th Civil Affairs Battalion (Airborne) out of Southern California. Our main focus is connecting the district government with the local population. The Unit that we support not only focuses on the government side, but also on mentoring the Afghan National Police (ANP). Combined we are moving our district towards the upcoming transition when the Afghan's are to take the lead.” Some of their other duties also include poppy eradication and security.

Because of their extreme remoteness, Team Arrowhead has some special requests that will make their lives a bit easier in this dry and desolate area.

  • Men’s hygiene toiletries
  • Snacks
  • Fruit & Veggies (Canned)
  • Pasta (or items to cook)
  • Stationary
  • Coffee
  • Coffee Travel Cups
  • Plastic Plates
  • Microwaveable items

Update 8-30-12: News from Brian just arrived! He writes, "Hey Cindy! we've received so many boxes it's crazy haha! It has been awesome though and everyone here appreciates it so much I wish you could have seen how happy they were when I put about 20 boxes in the rec center for everyone to go through!! Everything came out in great condition the only item we had to throw away was some baked cake/bread. It was in the sun too long and had some mold when we opened it up. Everything else though came out great. I can't thank you and the whole bakinggals team enough for everything they have sent. It is so amazing to hear from people that truly support the troops! It is such a boost in morale for everyone when care packages come in especially when we sare in such an isolated place. You all make these deployments so much more pleasant!!"

Update 8-2-12: Shipping has begun and Team Arrowhead is in for a grand time thanks to all my Baking Angels! Here are a few photos of what's heading to our Troops! Thanks again to all for stepping up and sharing your TLC!

Update 7-25-12: I've created a Wish List of items on AMAZON that may be helpful with our current Team Arrowhead.

I've been scouring for free shipping and allowable shipping items outside of the US that will help meet the needs of our Military.

For those who might like to contribute to the purchase of these items, please go to DONATIONS. Your name will be included on the Team List and Brian will be notified of your participation :). In the special message portion, please indicate what item(s) you might like to sponsor, if you have preferences, and your email contact if you'd like Brian to be able to contact you.


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