Team Black Sheep Baking Angels

Featuring LCpl Micah Wing, deployed to Japan on the 31st MEU


Check below for updates and a special thank yous from Mom, Barb Wing!!


Barbara Wing, proud mom of LCpl Micah Wing, is the key to this month's nominee. Barb reached out to us and we are proud to be able to surprise her son with a very special birthday this year. Micah is turning 21 and I'm sure my Angels will be up to the challenge to provide him with a birthday he won't forget!

A little about Micah

Barb shares, "Micah was born in Montana and raised in Nebraska.  He loves his family and has 5 sisters and is the only boy.  He eats anything...even bugs, and this is his 21st birthday. It is his third time he has missed his birthday at home since joining the Marines.

He is a people person, loves to swim, loves to shoot guns so ordnance is a great fit for him and for his job. He loves to ride motorcycles, enjoys Looney Tunes, loves to sing, loves to do impressions...he is just a fun loving, happy young man! 

His dad is a pastor and I am a stay at home mom.  He was homeschooled for all of his years in school.  He makes friends easily and with this box of goodies I know he will have lots of friends if he is on the boat or in Japan! He is a lot ‘redneck’ and loves the Marine Corps."

This is a picture of Micah (rt) with friend at the Marine Ball.

Special Requests

His likes, as far as snacks, nuts, beef jerky, homemade cookies, skittles, hot tamales, Mike and Ikes.


Team Updates:

8-23-13: News from Mom, Barb Wing! Micah has received his shipments!

"I want to say thank you once again for making all of the things and sending everything to my Marine son! He called me this morning (his actual birthday both here AM and there PM) and said OH MY GOODNESS MOM!!!! Those Baking Angels are amazing and wonderful!!!


He got 12 boxes in one day and I am sure the others will get there soon. He was beyond excited as were his ordnance shop, the combat cargo shop AND his berthing!!! He has plenty to share and is very happy and his tummy is extremely happy...and that is a direct quote!!!


He opened the first box and told everyone that he wasn’t sharing the Mike and Ikes ROTFL only to open the next one to a massive bag of Mike and he promptly shared with everyone! THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS!!!!"


A very special thank you from Mom, Barb Wing:

Dear Cindy’s Baking Angels <3

Our family would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for your generosity in making our son’s 21st birthday so special. He is going to be floored by the boxes of love he will receive and we are quite sure he will be a very popular man among those who serve with him!

We wanted to tell you thank you because we are not sure if or when he will be able to do it himself and we do not want this to go unnoticed by any means! His thanks comes to you through us and we hope he gets the chance to thank you as well. We wanted to be sure that THANKS was given!!

Beyond your kindness to our son, you have made our day as well. We so appreciate your willingness to reach out to him while he is deployed and so far away from home. Thank you seems so inadequate but it is very much from our hearts!!!

Thank you for supporting our military and in turn supporting the families as is a blessing!

Proud family of a deployed Marine,
LCpl Micah Wing’s family
Mike, Barb, Bethany, Sarai, Rachel and Anna Wing


8-20-13: Shipping has concluded for this team and I'm thrilled to post that at least 15 boxes of goodies are headed to Micah! He will be one very popular Marine, let me tell you! A huge thanks to all my Angels..we are changing the lives of so many with each box we ship.

8-9-13: More photos of birthday goodie boxes are coming in! Thanks to all!

8-7-13: Cindy's Baking Angels loves donations! Thanks to two donations, Micah will be receiving some delicious yummies because of the generosity of our Angel community. To view our Angel Amazon Wish-List, see

Skittles, Jack Links Pepperoni Beef Sticks, Hot Cinnamon Tamales, and Mike & Ike's Original Fruits are on their way! These were on his mother's wish-list and we are delighted we were able to ship so many to him! Interested in making a donation? CLICK HERE!

8-6-13: Cindy's Baking Angels are shipping to Micah and photos are beginning to emerge of their wonderful goodie boxes. I wish that I could be there to see the smile on Micah's face as he opens his birthday presents! I'm sure his friends will be a huge part of this celebration as well.

Good eats in this box are filled with Ghiradelli Chocolate Pecan cookies, Ghiradelli Blondies, Ghiradelli Brownies, and Ultimate Ginger cookies. Also included in the box were Beef Sticks, deodorant and soap.

This special box was filled with toffee, 2 pillowcases, brownies, sunflower seeds, popcorn, granola bars, peanut butter, 2 pack hot sauce, 2 deodorant, toothpaste, body wash, deck of cards, cigars, hacky sack, and 2 dog balls.

What fun the guys and gals will have with this assortment of goodies! A huge bag of Mike & Ikes, graham crackers, marshmallows & chocolate bars to make s'mores, danish, 4 bags of fish crackers, trail mix, mac & cheese, gum, birthday oreos, punch balloon, and frisbee are packed in this wonderful goodie box.