Team Jackal-Lanterns Baking Angels

Featuring Sgt John Coleman

Cindy's Baking Angels is proud to support Marine Sgt John Coleman and his Battle Buddies during our May Round! Thank you, Sarah Chargois, Team COMMuniSKATERS, for nominating your friend. We will show him our Angel TLC, rest assured!

A little about John & Team Jackal-Lanterns

John writes, "My name is John H. Coleman. I'm a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps. I enlisted on June 6, 2004 out of Hammond, LA. My first duty station was Camp Pendleton, CA from April 2005-May 2009.

While there, I worked at Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron (MALS) 39 as an Avionics Electrician repairing equipment from the Huey, Cobra, and Phrog aircrafts. While stationed at MALS-39, I deployed to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom from April-Nov 2008. After returning from deployment I completed a Permanent Change of Station to Jacksonville, NC to work at MALS-26. I have been living in Jacksonville, NC since May 2009."

John shares, "I am currently deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom attached with MALS-70. MALS-70 is a unit comprised of 3 supporting units MALS-16, MALS-39 and MALS 26. The official logo for MALS-70 is the Jackal hence the team name the Jackal-Lanterns. The unit is comprised of about 150 Marines."

Update from Team Jackal-Lantern Marines!

5-25-14: This has been a very special Memorial Day Weekend! We received word from Team Jackal-Lantern Marines that our Goodie Boxes are arriving and I wanted to share their thanks.

From Cpl Lamont Foster: "On behalf of all the Marines and Sailors of MALS-70 , we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your support. We've received numerous care packages from you and they have surely been a morale booster for us. We have received 18 packages so far, the packages have tons of great items especially the baked goods."


Updates from our Angels!

Team Jackal-Lantern Angels are shipping out loads of goodies to John and his Battle Buddies! Here are some photos which show how much they love our Troops! Thank you to all my Angels for your marvelous support of our Teams!!

From Angel Peggy....2 pillowcases, mac & cheese, sandwich crackers, 12 coffee packets, sugar & coffee creamer, 15 danish, pop tarts, assorted candy, 2 dog balls and a Thank You card will surely bring a big smile to John Coleman's face. Thank you, Peggy, for always being there!!

From Angel Christine...chocolate chip cookies, brownies, no-bake cookies, granola bars, and a wash cloth are heading to John! Thank you, Christine!!

From Angel Jean...Brownies, Struesel Muffins, Game Book, pencils and 2 decks of cards on their way to John! Thank you, Jean!!

From Angel Mary Ann...three magazines, three crossword search puzzle books,two bottles of body wash, one bottle Domino sugar, one box granola bars, one pack dried bananas, four bags of Craisins, two containers Special K hot cereal, one bag Starburst jellybeans, gum, two bags cough drops, two bags Combos, and a bag of assorted candy. And a picture of Mary Ann's co-workers dressed in red for Red Friday! Awesome, Mary Ann and all...thank you so much!!