Team COMMuniSKATERS Baking Angels

Featuring Sarah Chargois

* See Team Updates Below!

Brenda Garth, of Semper Fi Sisters, our new affiliate and partner, nominated Sarah and her 9th Communications Battalion Transmissions Platoon as our March recipient. She and Sarah seem to come from the same locale back home and I'm so pleased and honored that we will be able to share our Angel TLC with Sarah and her Battle Buddies! That's Sarah in the middle with the glasses.

A little about Sarah & Team COMMuniSKATERS

Sarah writes, "I'm from Gulf County, Fl. I am the only child of the two most loving, generous and supportive parents a child could ask for, Wilbur and Rhonda House. I recently married the love of my life Byron James Chargois II on October 16, 2013. Byron is also an active duty Marine stationed in Camp Lejeune, NC with CLR 25."

She continues, "I have been in the Marine Corps for 6 years now and after this enlistment I plan on getting out and starting an in home daycare center which has been one of my life long dreams since pre-k. I always wanted to be around and work with young children still bright eyed and curious to learn.

I got stationed with 9th Communications Battalion in May 2013. This is my second deployment to Afghanistan. My last deployment was in 2011 with he 2nd Maintenance Battalion."


Sarah shares, "I joined the Marine Corps to be the best of the best and see the world, and I'm happy to say I've done just that. I've seen some amazing things, had some great times and met some amazing people and made some memories I'll never forget. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. It's amazing to be a part of something bigger than yourself and always being a part of that elite group - that brotherhood and sisterhood that will and has lived on thru generations. It's a sense of pride that only few will ever know and it's truly amazing." 

Cindy's Baking Angels couldn't be more excited about our partnership and I hope you will join our Angel network and support Team COMMuniSKATERS!

Sarah shares some of the more technical background about her Marine Platoon.


"9TH Communications Battalion Transmissions Platoon, stationed out of Camp Pendleton, CA, currently deployed to Afghanistan, provides secure point-to-point and point-to-multipoint, line-of-sight and non-line-of-sight transmission of voice, video and data communications. To provide critical last mile communications for the DoD, both Airaya and TCS WPPL allows communicators to extend their Local Area Network (LAN) to deployed remote locations, providing NIPR, SIPR, VoIP, Video, and DSN services over terrestrial microwave radio links."

She goes on to say, "Transmissions Platoon is also responsible for making sure all Comm assets being utilized at the Command Operations Center (COC) are up and running. The Comm assets are as follows, 5k and 25 k dedicated, DAMA (Demand Assigned Multiple Access), UHF(Ultra High Frequency),  HPW(High performance waveform), and LOS (Line of sight).  These networks serve as a vital source of communication if all other Comm assets were to go down."

Special Requests

Sarah has a few special requests! "Cake in a Jar, Brownies, Chocolate Chip and Snicker Doodle Cookies, blueberry muffins, peanut butter, any semi healthy baked goods (haha oxymoron statement) and if possible Tuna."

Sarah passed along this recipe for "Cake in a Jar" and flavors requested are chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla.

I love Sarah's humor as she adds, "We're all hefty at heart and are like Mikey and we'll eat ANYTHING."

She also writes, "Thank you ladies so much for your generosity and also for allowing us to request these things! You're amazing and thank you soooo much for your love and support!"


Team Updates!

Team COMMuniSKATERS is flourishing as our Angels enter the shipping phase of our Round. Pictures are arriving of the Goodie Boxes on their way to Sarah and her Battle Buddies! Thank you to all my Angels for the love and support you share with our Troops!

Angel Marjorie has some delicious Cake in a Jars and snacks heading to Sarah. Thank you, Marjorie, for your marvelous support!!

From Angel Angie...Girl Scout cookies, Granola Bars, Tuna, Gum, Puzzle Book, Craisins and Beef Jerky are on their way in this lovely Goodie Box! Thank you, Angie!!

Angel Donna S. created the above Goodie Box with three layers of yummy snacks and treats! Thank you, Donna, for your wonderful support of our Angel Teams!

Angel Peggy has a lovely box of goodies heading to Sarah! Complete with Toffee, Oreo bark, 2 pillowcases, trail mix, granola bars, popcorn, mac & cheese, nacho fixings, hot sauce, rip ties, hard candy and a Thank You card. Thank you, Peggy!!

Thank you, Angel Virginia, for these wonderful snicker doodles, brownies, chocolate chip cookies, and tuna! A little bit of healthy with some decadence! Love it!

Angel Cindy shipping two boxes of goodies to Sarah! Three layers of yummies went into this box! Reese's Brownie Smoosh, Rice Krispy treats, Blondies, Molasses cookies, Chocolate chip/pecan cookies, and Gingerbread cookies!