Team 1-9 Walking Dead Baking Angels

Featuring LCpl Fillmore as our February 2014 Nominee


*See Team Updates Below!

News from Lucas to our Baking Angels!

Lucas wrote, "I take all the boxes and bring them into my post and leave them for people to help themselves to, so the Brits, Marines, Tongans, JAF, and Army are all welcome to it.

If you just want to tell them we appreciate it that would be great, let them know the red velvet cookies were a huge hit, disappeared in like 10 minutes, the Oreo thing disappeared faster. Pretty much all the baked goods all disappeared pretty fast, and everything was up to who wanted it, people come and go and just look and grab what they want, and it all pretty much is being eaten and appreciated.

The box of skittles with the stickers in them was utilized to decorate various areas with a bunch of stickers as well as putting stickers on uniforms just for awhile."

Cindy's Baking Angels is proud to serve our Military!

A little more about LCpl Fillmore and the 1-9 Walking Dead

Marine proud mother, Robyne, nominated her son, Lucas, age 19, for our February round. Thank you, Robyne, for allowing us the opportunity to support your son and his brothers!

Robyne shares, "My son was only 7 when 9/11 occurred, but it left him determined to make a difference. He started working with his Marine recruiter in High School and entered the Corps through early enlistment the summer before his senior year.

He is currently with the 1st Battalion 9th Marines out of Camp Lejeune, NC. Their nickname is The Walking Dead. The unit received this nickname in Vietnam during a speech in early spring of 1966, when Ho Chi Minh said the phrase "Di bo chet" (The Walking Dead) to describe the Marines in the Valley. He meant they were already dead, just had not been buried yet. As is typical of Marines throughout history, they proved him wrong.

Earlier this year 1/9 Alpha Co. suffered an immeasurably tragic loss when seven Marines were killed in a training accident in Nevada which also left six Marines and one Corpsman injured. A number of those fallen had survived two deployments to Afghanistan together.

The unit returned to Camp Lejeune, grieved the loss of their brothers, and then continued to train and prepare for this deployment. They are a strong group of men with lots of proud parents, wives, children and family anxiously waiting for them to come home."

Special Requests

Robyne says that anything we send will be appreciated. "They are always in need of body wipes, protein bars and powder, white calf-length socks, and individual sized foods. Treats would include beef jerky, nuts, twizzlers and movies."

For additional ideas, be sure to visit our Amazon "Cindy's Baking Angel's" Wish list! Registered Angels can ship items directly to Lucas from Amazon.

I'm confident that Lucas and his brothers will enjoy the goodies shipped by our Angels and know how much they are appreciated and supported in their difficult endeavor.

Team Updates:

Our Angels are entering the shipping phase of our mission. Lucas will be receiving some wonderful goodies from our 23 members! Pictures are beginning to arrive and I have to share! A huge thank you to all my Angels for the work you do and for your continued generosity and compassion.

Angel Stacy of Doodley Bug Bakes, shipped these delicious cookies to Team 1/9 Walking Dead. Thank you, Stacy, for your support!

From Angel Angie! Two great looking goodie boxes heading to Lucas and his Battle Buddies. Thank you, Angie!!


Angel Donna was busy this month! Three layers of goodies went into this box! Thank you, Donna, for your continued support!

From Angel Matthew...a thoughtful box of goodies heading Lucas's way. Matthew will be celebrating his Bar Mitzvah and this was his project! Thank you, Matthew!

From Angel inspiration for homemade pillowcases. See hers there? Another delectable box heading to Lucas!

From Angel Carol...tucked away in this goodie box are socks, icing, cakes in a jar,and candy baby wipes. Thank you, Carol!

From Angel Sandy...delicious mix of birthday fudge, chocolate fudge, homemade paydays, oatmeal rasin cookies and chocolate chip cookies. Thank you Sandy!

From Angel Cindy, moi, my first goodie box filled with fun, practical, snackie, and my homemade pillowcases!

From Angel, Cindy, my second box of goodies! Layers 1 & 2 and how I ship with USPS Priority Mail! Enjoy, Team 1/9 Walking Dead!

Angel Virginia has prepared this yummy goodie box for Lucas and his Battle Buddies. Thanks, Virginia!

Angel MaryAnn has been busy preparing her Goodie Box for Lucas. Her students also created some beautiful Valentine's Day cards for the Troops! Thank you, Mary Ann, for your wonderful support!

Angel member, Sheila, has some marvelous goodies packaged for Lucas and Team 1/9! These should curb their sweet tooth for a bit! Thank you, Sheila, for your support!