Team Viper


Blood drives are very common. SSG Alicia Cadena calls this, "controlled chaos."

SSG Alicia Cadena, US Army, Combat Medic, stationed at FOB Shank, Afghanistan writes, "We're a medical company, about 70 people deep, that provide medical coverage for the entire northeast region of Afghanistan. We do everything from the sniffles to full blown traumas. We do x-rays, pull out wisdom teeth, perform emergency surgeries, run labs, you name it, we've got it. We receive patients by walk-in, helicopter evacuation, regular ground evacuation, and any other means you can think of. We see on average about 300 patients or so a week, about 35-45 of those being traumas brought in by helicopter, so we stay pretty busy here. We treat everyone from US military to enemy wounded, and everything in between."

Team Viper has a very specific Wish List that I hope you will be able help fulfill.  Here is what they need right now!



Hand Warmers

Foot Warmers



Extra long sweat pants w/cuffs at bottom

Pajama pants (also long)

Sweaters zip up and pullover (L, XL)

Long socks (not ankle socks)

House slippers

Small TSA or travel size clear 3 oz. empty bottles

Gallon size Zip-lock bags


Alicia writes, "The two different sweaters are because some of our patients have neck injuries, so it would be easier for us to put a zip up sweater on them than a pullover, but the majority of our patients use pull overs. The long socks are just to keep their feet warm all the way up. The house slippers are because all we have right now are CROCS, the plastic shoes with the holes in them. They won't be fun for our patients to wear when it starts to snow here and it's already in the 30s at night. The small bottles are because we have tons of full size hygiene products that we can't use because our patients can't travel with them. So if we can get small, 3 oz. bottles, we can pour from the big bottles to the little ones and actually start using up a lot of our stuff! The gallon size zip-lock bags is for the hygiene kits that we make for our patients. We give them travel sized shampoo, conditioner, body wash, razors, shaving cream, toothpaste, toothbrush, mouthwash, washcloth, lotion, chapstick, etc."

Team Viper was a great success. Our 14 member team provided the many necessities that Alicia and her team required to help keep our Troops warm during their recovery. This was a special team that was run during January 2012 with the sanction of HeadBakingGal, Lyndsay. Normally does not run teams during January.

Thank you to all for your caring and generosity during this very special mission!