Team Tomidachi Baking Angels

Featuring CPl Stephanie Lambert as our September Round 45 Nominee

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This round takes us across the Pacific to Okinawa where Cpl Stephanie Lambert and her 86 LCpls reside. Stephanie is from the 3rd Intelligence Battalion and is with the AFP or All-Source Fusion Platoon.

Stephanie shares, “The Marines here often deploy all over Asia, especially Korea, Thailand, and Mainland Japan. I asked some of the Marines for a good team name, and they agreed on Team Tomidachi. Tomidachi is Japanese for Friend."

She goes on to say, “We are a large shop, about 86 LCpls. Most of our shop loves to do outdoor type things, and we all live to get together for a great game of football!“

Stephanie has a few suggestions for their Wish List. “Most Marines like to get things they can't get out here. Homemade foods, beef jerky, and females always need bobby pins, hair ties, and hair products. Pens and notebooks are great for us too. We don't get TV shows and DVDs as much out here, so those would be nice, too!”

Whatever we are able to share with them is very much appreciated. They are far from home and feel the separation from their families.

Stephanie wants us all to know, “Thanks so much for everything from All source Fusion Platoon!”

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New Photos from Stephanie while in Guam...special ceremonies and just having some fun..

Update September 29, 2012: Stephanie emailed her thanks for all the goodies! Here in her own words....

"Hello Ms Cindy!
I am sorry that I have not responded to your emails if you have sent me any, I am currently on ship right now, and cannot access my personal email. However, I HAVE been getting the wonderful boxes that you have sent! I want to give a special shout out to Ms. Lisa … so many of them came from her I saw, and I will be mailing her a letter directly within the week.

Just an update for you and your team….I will be on a ship and so far, it has been great! We just left Guam not too long ago, and that was a nice experience! For the most part, we stay inside on the ship and work 12 hour shifts, and then we go to our berthing.

That brings me to my next point… Sometimes, life on ship is hard. The food tastes terrible at times, and some people don’t see sunlight or anything of the outside world for days. So, when your boxes came in, the Marine’s faces lit up. There were a few guys who were having a bad day, and they lit up when they saw all the cookies I had. There were so many, that I was able to share with Marines in other shops. The hygiene products couldn’t have come at a better time either… things run out on ship pretty quickly. You have no idea how much you have boosted the morale and how you have brought so much joy to the people of the MEU (Marine Expeditionary Unit). The snacks brought a little taste of home to those that have not seen their families in a while, and the hygiene items and letter writing gear has helped out to contact those we need to speak with at home.

Also, if it isn’t too much, some Marines have a special request. Can you send drink mixes, dried fruit, and more oatmeal, cookies and anything microwaveable? That would be awesome! Thank you so much!"

I am so happy and proud to say that several of our Team Tomidachi have stepped up and will be sending some additional boxes of TLC to Stephanie and her Marines! I couldn't ask for a more giving group of ladies! Thank you to all and blessings for all YOU do!

~Cindy @

Update September 6, 2012: Goodie Boxes are shipping out and Team Tomidachi will be receiving some amazing TLC from our 17 member team! Thanks to those who have taken their time, energy, and resources to support our young Marines so far away from home.

Here are a few photos from our Baking Angels!