Team Task Force Viper Baking Angels

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Cindy's Baking Angels is proud to present

Major Brian Taylor as our March nominee!

Team Task Force Vipers

This month will be an incredible challenge for our Baking Angels! There are about 550 Soldiers in Major Brian Taylor's Battalion! We are going to need tremendous support for our fighting Vipers!

Major Brian Taylor writes, "Our unit headquarters is based out of Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah, Georgia. We are part of the 3rd Infantry Division and the Aviation Brigade. Most of our units are from Hunter, but from different battalions." 

Taylor shares, "We are comprised of one Headquarters company, one AH-64D Apache Company, one UH-60 Blackhawk company, one OH-58 Kiowa Warrior troop, one part of a ground cavalry troop, an aviation maintenance company, an air traffic control detachment, a ground support company, and a platoon of CH-47D from the National Guard." 

Team Task Force Vipers

Brian continues, "The 1-3 Aerial Reconnaissance Battalion has deployed to Afghanistan once before, and to Iraq three times.  They have supported other deployments in the past to other parts of the world."

"I am the Executive Officer (XO) of the Task Force and am married to Deirdre, a former Army aviator and currently an ER Nurse.  I have two young children (Owen is almost 3, Annabelle is almost 1) and have lived in Savannah since 2007.  This is my third deployment since 2005.  I am originally from Northern Virginia."

Team Task Force Vipers

Special Requests

Taylor writes, "As far as requests, cookies and cupcakes are always a hit.  Other than that, we are not picky.  Every homemade product we get reminds us of home, and we appreciate that. Snack chips (we don't have them here), jelly beans, AAA batteries and coffee (Keurig and regular grounds are fine, just no instant).  That's about it.  A lot of people are looking forward to this.  Thanks again!"

"I was lucky enough on my last deployment that my wife sent a birthday cake to me in Iraq.  I shared it with fellow Soldiers.  One of them remarked, 'I just closed my eyes and felt like I was home.' That is the kind of effect groups like yours have on deployed Soldiers.  We appreciate what you do for us!"


4-8-13: News from Brian! He received all of our packages and writes the following to our Baking Angel Team!

"Thank you very much for the packages. We received all of the packages, and have passed out the goodies among the Task Force. I will work on collecting pictures to send back to you for your website. The contents were perfect, and very much appreciated. I will look out for other troops POCs that would appreciate your efforts. Sincerely, thanks again for the thoughts and cards and goodies that you and your baking angels sent."

March 2013: Packages are on their way to Brian! Here are a few photos our Baking Angels sent to show their TLC! Thanks to all for your contributions!