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Featuring LCpl Christopher Wood our September Nominee!

A little about Christopher

This month’s nominee is Marine Christopher Wood from Evart, Michigan. Christopher has been a reservist for two years and is the youngest child of five. He has three older brothers and one sister. This is his first deployment as an MOS (Military Occupational Specialties) electrical engineer in Afghanistan.

Christopher's mom, Cindy, shares that he “loves life and always has a smile on his face and has a heart of gold.”  During his sophomore through senior high school years, he went to culinary school.  He has a dream of owning his own restaurant someday. Shortly after graduating from high school, he moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan, to attend college. He has worked since the age of 13 until he joined the Marines.

Cindy says, “He had all intentions of joining the army. He got to the recruiters in Grand Rapids and said there were arrows for all the branches. Not until that moment did he know he was going to join the Marines. He said he didn’t know what happened that made him walk that hallway to that office. But I like to think it was God that led him to it.” Christopher's desire is to “be the best of the best!”

Christopher attended boot camp in San Diego and now resides in North Carolina where he is a manager at Wendy’s on Camp Lejeune.

Team Updates:

10-2-13: Team Sand Box sent a resounding 27 boxes of goodies to Christopher in September! Amazing results from some pretty incredible Angels. Thanks to all!

Mom, Cindy Wood, writes, "Christopher is so thankful and feels so blessed that he was totally surprised as was his unit. He would like to thank you and all that sent them. It seemed like Christmas because they needed things so badly. I am waiting to have contact with Chris so I can see if he can post the pictures he took. He stated that he and his Unit felt like little kids at Christmas with lots of smiles and thankfulness. It brought their morale up a ton and it was just what they needed. Nothing like fresh pillow cases! Not only my son but I would like to thank you and all that sent packages filled with love. Thank you so much and he asked to keep the prayers coming because they need them."

9-11-13: Team Sand Box is making amazing strides this month! We've shipped 18 boxes so far! And we still have Angels in the midst of shipping! Christopher is in for an incredible surprise! Here are a few more photos received today.

From Donna

From Debbie

From Debbie

9-8-13: More photos are coming in from our Angels! Take a look at these goodie boxes!

Layer 1 from Peggy

Layer 2 from Peggy

Layer 3 from Peggy

Top layer from Peggy

From Mary Ann

9-2-13: Here are a few photos from my kitchen!

Ghiradelli Chocolate Chip-Pecan Cookies!

Ghiradelli Double Chocolate Brownies!

Reese's Chocolate Chip Brownie Smoosh! For recipe, CLICK HERE!