Team Rah Baking Angels

Featuring LCprl Douglas Holley

* See Team Updates below!

Marine Mom Laura Harrison couldn't be prouder of her son, Doug. Thank you, Laura, for nominating your son as a recipient for our April team! Your assistance is appreciated.

A little about Douglas and Team Rah

Laura writes, "Douglas is 19 years old and from Homewood, AL. His current rank is Lance Corporal and his MOS is Combat Engineer. Doug is a humble, selfless young man who talks very little, a man of few words."

PawPaw on left and Douglas on right in above photo.

Laura continues, "Doug left for bootcamp in September 2012 and one week later his PawPaw died of cancer. We informed him as he had requested. He was heartbroken, however he decided to stay in Boot Camp and honor his PawPaw by becoming a Marine just like him. My Dad was a Marine and fought in Vietnam.

Doug struggled with whether he made the right decision to leave or if he should have stayed to say goodbye. I assured him that he made the right decision as the last words my Daddy said was how proud he was of Doug. Doug got to say his goodbye to his PawPaw when he got leave after graduation."

This is a picture of Doug saying goodbye to his grandfather at the Alabama National Cemetery.

Mom adds, "Doug inspired two of his friends to join the Corps with him. He truly is the best son a Mama could ask for!!!"

Special Requests

Laura shares, "Doug loves brownies, chocolate chip cookies and anything you would like to send. He really is not picky. It is such a blessing that you all provide these things to our sons!!! I know this Proud Marine Mom is beyond grateful!!!!"

I feel confident my Angels can fulfill this wish list and a whole lot more!


Team Updates!

4-4-14: Our Angels are busily preparing and shipping their Goodie Boxes to Team Rah! Thanks to all for your devotion to our Troops!

From Angel Jackie...cookies, Rice Krispy treats, bar soap, stamped envelopes, and lip balm are sure to be enjoyed. Thank you, Jackie!

From Angel Laura...20 boxes being shipped to her son's Unit with loads of snacks, cake in a jars, and cookies! Amazing assortment that will surely boost our Troops' spirits! Thank you, Laura, for nominating your son and for sending so much love to our Troops!

From Angel Alejandra...30 apple caramel, 60 oatmeal cranberry, 30 semi sweet walnut cookies on their way to Team Rah! Thank you, Ale, for your wonderful support of our Troops!

From Angel Peggy...2 pillowcases, toffee, popcorn, pop-tarts, corn nuts, sunflower seeds, oatmeal packets, candy bars, cheez-its, cookie packets, trail mix, granola bars, hot chocolate packets, assorted gummies & hard candy and a Thank You card. Thank you, Peggy, for your continued support!

From Angel Cindy...homemade pillowcases and my favorite Reese's Brownie Smoosh and Ghiradelli chocolate chip-pecan cookies!