Team Panthers Baking Angels - December 2013

Featuring Travis Williams

Thanks to all for your support!

Travis just sent me this photo! The boxes are piling up and they're waiting to open on Christmas Day. Thanks to all my Angels for such a phenomenal job and to our Troops for your service and sacrifice. Enjoy the goodies!!

Thank you, Travis, for the wonderful gifts you sent for our Angels. We are humbled and honored to have been able to serve you. I shall treasure them always knowing the significance behind each item.

God Bless!

* See more updates below!



A little about Team Panthers

Travis Williams is the first to admit that he and his Company of Apache Helicopter pilots are a bunch of "A+personalities" and that they "spend a lot of time pranking each other and/or trying to one up each other!"

Williams writes, "We are the A Co. "Panthers" 4-227th Attack Recon Battalion 1st Air Calvary Brigade 1st Calvary Division. A solely attack aviation battalion comprised of more than twenty AH-64D Apache Attack Helicopters."

Travis shares, "Almost everyone knows of or has heard of 'The First Air Cav.' That is where we draw our lineage from. Most notably from Vietnam being portrayed in movies like "Apocalypse Now, We Were Soldiers..."

Travis goes on to say, "Our missions are extremely dynamic, and ever changing, whether it be from basic Reconnaissance, to responding to the call of the ground troops, to Special Operations. Aviation, and especially the Big Guns of the Apaches, are always in demand in these times of conflict.

The first Air Cav has been deploying, one year gone and one year back home, since the beginning of the Iraq campaign. The soldiers and pilots work long hours every day to ensure as soldiers and maintainers the aircraft are up to par with the hourly, daily, and monthly requirements to have aircraft available and up and running."

Williams says, "The Pilots are ever busy with usually studying their craft, and Lord let me tell you, studying never ends! The proficiency requirements just to operate the Apache are a-hole-nother demon itself! Not to mention having an experts knowledge on every weapons system the Apache carries!"

Our Angels couldn't be more thrilled to support Team Panthers and his friends! This will be a Christmas that will surely bring loads of smiles and full tummies with all the treats and amenities we will ship.

Travis is thrilled too and says, "We are excited to be sponsored by such great and wonderful people, and look forward to this Holiday season! Thanks just doesn't seem to be a word that cuts it anymore, but we are truly grateful for your thoughts and prayers, and for what y'all do for us! "GUNS ATTACK!"


* Team Updates!

Our Team has grown and we are now preparing for the shipping phase! Our photos below are from our Angel Team. Thank you to all for helping to make this holiday a special one for Travis and his Battle Buddies!

From Angel Stacy...delicious treats are sure to warm their hearts! Thanks, Stacy!

From Angel Melissa...another great goodie box heading to Travis! Thanks, Melissa!!

From Angel Vicky...2 layers of delicious homemade marshmallows made with Guinness Beer and Gin! Wow! That will surely pop a punch! Plus some cool Challenge Buttons and amenities our Troops will enjoy. Thanks, Vicky, for your support!

Crystal's Shipment!

Crystal's Shipment! Crystal's Shipment!

Crystal's Shipment!

Crystal's Shipment!

Crystal's Shipment!

From Angel Crystal to Teams Invisibles & Panthers! Homemade pillowcases plus adorable Fleece hats and scarves!! Crystal is my Vegan specialist and always packs a whollop of treasures in her boxes for our Troops. Thank you, Crystal, for supporting our Troops and being such a wonderful Angel!!

Baking Angel Gloria ships to Team Invisibles! Baking Angel Gloria ships to Team Invisibles!

Baking Angel Gloria ships to Team Invisibles!

Baking Angel Gloria ships to Team Invisibles!

Baking Angel Gloria ships to Team Invisibles!

From Angel Gloria of Gloria and her Angels packed 20 boxes of goodies to ship to all of the teams! Each team received 2 boxes each! Thank you Gloria and friends...your support is greatly appreciated!

Cindy's Baking Angels Janet has been busy too! Team Panthers with Travis Williams is in for some tasty treats! Thanks, Janet!

From Peggy...a special box for Jaime, Travis's Battle Buddy! Thanks, Peggy!

Box #1 from Cindy! A few extra surprises coming your way, Travis!

Box #2 from Cindy is filled with Reeses's Brownie Smoosh, Ghiradelli Chocolate Chip-Pecan cookies, Lemon Sugar cookies, Ginger cookies, Rice Krispie Treats, and a surprise butterscotch, I think!