Team Odin

This is my first entry as a Team Leader for and I’m thrilled to be able to contribute to such a wonderful organization. I recently retired from a 23- year teaching career as a middle school Language Arts teacher and was looking for outreach programs where I felt I could make a difference. During the past two months, I participated on two Bakinggals’ teams and found the adventure fun, rewarding, and easy. And I’m here today hoping that you will join Team Odin’s Baking Angels and help me bring some treats to our troops!

Let me tell you a little about Task Force Odin, my first recipient. The unit sponsor writes, “We've got hundreds of Soldiers and civilian contractors supporting our aviation mission throughout Afghanistan. We're all here promoting peace and security for the Afghan people as a part of the larger NATO mission. Many of our Soldiers work in shifts, in order to support the mission 24 hours, 7 days a week. The living conditions and food provided are actually quite decent here, but it's amazing how much some home-baked cookies or brownies can do for troops' morale.”

The sponsor also wrote, “You guys are far too good to us... home-baked goods are always well received and the Soldiers tend to tear through everything I bring them out of a care package.”

As you can see, Team Odin would appreciate anything we can put together as a team to help make their life there a little bit brighter.

Team Odin's 11 members sent over 30 boxes of goodies to our Medic Unit. It made for a very festive Halloween! Thank you to all of my team members for a job well done!