Team Lightning Horse Baking Angels!


MAJ Spencer Anderson, recipient for the 2-6 Cavalry, aka Task Force Lightning Horse, is stationed at Wheeler Army Airfield, Hawaii.

The Unit has been in Kandahar for one month of their year long deployment. They are a battalion of Kiowa helicopters and their mission is to support the troops.

2-6 Cavalry is proud of their contributions to Operation Enduring Freedom where they aggressively and successfully take the fight to the enemy despite challenging conditions and where they always support the soldiers on the ground.

Spence is a 1999 graduate of USMA, West Point. He has been stationed at Seoul Airbase, Korea, Fort Hood, Texas, Soto Cano Airbase, Honduras, and Wheeler Army Airfield, Hawaii. He has been deployed twice to Iraq. This is his first deployment to Afghanistan.

Spence has been married for nine years. He and his wife, Jenn, have four young children. Jenn is a rockstar wife.

For more information about the history and lineage of the 2-6 Cavalry, go to:

Jenn Anderson suggests these additional items that Team Lightning Horse would enjoy:

Hair clippers (the thingy they shave their heads with)
Music (used CD's, ok)
Movies (used or old $5 John Wayne flicks and the like)
Drink flavor mixes
Fuzzy slippers
New pillowcases
Magazines (used is good)
Books (used is good)
Deck of cards, dice and/or poker chips
Healthy snacks - dry fruit, nuts
Silly toys - rc helicopters, rc cars, anything they can make a game out of

No-bake cookies (similar to )

Keurig coffee cups - with caffeine all flavors

Chocolate anything!

Toiletries are needed: shaving cream, (Gillette or Edge gel), razors, soaps, shampoos, qtips, deodorants,

UPDATE: 3-20-12

Word in from Spencer and Team Lightning Horse!

"Many thanks to you and your Baking Gals! The mail clerk has been sending a runner my way daily over the last week trying to get me to pick-up all the packages that have clogged up his room. I'm sorry that it's taken me a so long to write an update...busy times here. We've got a dust-storm going on today so we don't have any flights going out."


When there are too many cookies for my office I just need to take them over to the maintenance hangar, they are always excited for boxes.


Like moths to the flame the other crew chiefs quickly cleaned out the boxes.

Finally out of the cage that is my office, the crew enjoyed these triple ginger snaps very much. After passing the tupperware around the cabin we had none left. The infantry folks in the back cleaned out the tupper ware.


The staff me they rarely go outside, instead chained to the computers producing orders and briefing charts. They are excited for something new to eat and toys to play with. We are easily amused.


A dust storm brings the Squadron flight operations to a halt, allows me to post photo's and the maintenance folks to work on aircraft....I'll take some cookies over later...more boxes just showed up!