Team Leatherneck

This has been an exciting time for me…newly retired educator, breast cancer survivor 4 years now, and Leatherneck Team Leader! This is my third team leader entry at and I’m thrilled to be supporting such a worthy group of Marines!

Let me tell you a little about Team Leatherneck Baking Angels, our December/Holiday recipient!

MSgt David Billa operates a maintenance facility in Afghanistan. He insures that vehicles are serviced at four locations. His unit has roughly 120 Marines in these locations.

David writes, "Here at Camp Leatherneck I have roughly 64 Marines and we provide Maintenance for all Motor Transport Equipment in and around the area.  This maintenance consists of repairing battle-damaged trucks to replacing Engines and major systems on the equipment.  At any given time we have over 40 trucks in the shop at one time.  Also there is (1) female at Camp Leatherneck. All of this maintenance at the (four) outposts is supported by the Marines here at Leatherneck expediting parts forward and providing re-enforcements when the Maintenance become over whelming up there."

As you can see, Team Leatherneck plays an extremely critical role in supporting Marines and others in this battle zone.

Often Baking Angels ask if there are other items besides baking that they can contribute. MSgt Billa offers some suggestions from the Marines:

Monsters-energy drink


Protein bars and shakes

Black socks

Combos – Cheez/Pretzels

Trail Mix

Hand warmers-HeatMax Hot Hands type

Double A batteries

Cocoa butter


Body wash/shampoo

Kool-aid drink mix

Chex mix


Slim Jims

Car/motorcycle magazines



Beef jerky

Hygiene gear

Mechanic gloves – M/L- Condor 3BA57 or 3BA58 type

Boot inserts – Dr. Scholls’ Gel type


November 29, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving to all! We have so much to be thankful for.  Our Team Leatherneck Baking Angels is now 17 strong!  MSgt Billa sent us these photos of his unit at work. I still have room for 3 more members to our team. If you're interested, please visit and register for the web site. Be sure to watch for the verification link and respond. Once that is completed you will be able to sign up for Team Leatherneck!  Join us, won't you? Shipping dates to Team Leatherneck are December 1st - 21st.  Blessings to all...and special prayers to our Troops!

December 21, 2011

 Team Leatherneck has nearly completed all its shipments and I'm proud to say that over 40 boxes have already arrived at Camp Leatherneck!

MSgt Billa sends his "sincere gratitude for the generosity of your team" and "on the 24th we are having a BBQ and I will be bringing out all the boxes at once."  He "didn't want them cheating and opening gifts before Christmas!"

David also goes on to say that he has ordered 10 American Flags to fly there in Afghanistan and he will be sending them back to the major organizations that have contributed along with Certificates of Appreciation recognizing them.

This is truly one Christmas I won't ever forget! Thank you all for your sacrifice and support of Team Leatherneck!

Blessings and safe journeys to all and a safe return...

Semper Fi~

Cindy Z.

February 22, 2012

Cindy's Angels received a very special award from MSgt David Billa and the US Marine Corps! On behalf of Team Leatherneck, I proudly and humbly accepted our US FLAG that was flown over Afghanistan and the US Marine Corp Certificate of Authenticity. Thank you all for your effort and caring nature. This is for you all!

Here are some photos our Marines sent to us along with photos from our Team Leatherneck members. Our 23 member team sent out over 60 boxes of TLC from back home! Thank you to all for your generosity and commitment to our Troops!