Team Jared Baking Angels ~ June 2014


Featuring Senior Airman Jared Singer

A little about Team Jared

This month's nominee comes by way of Jared's mother, Donna Singer. Donna is a member of our Angel community and I'm thrilled that we are able to support her son. Thank you, Donna, for allowing us to spread our Angel TLC to Jared!

Donna writes, "My son's name is Senior Airman Jared Singer. Jared was born and raised in New York and this is his first deployment. Jared is a contracting specialist and will be stationed on a joint base in an undisclosed location along with other Air Force members." 

Jared was previously stationed in Misawa, Japan and is currently stationed in Altus, Oklahoma. He will be turning 23 on May 2nd. His mother mentions that, "Jared is a fitness fanatic, loves cross fit, and attends the gym daily."

In 2013, Jared received two distinctive recognitions ~"Airman of the Year" and "Volunteer of the Year" in his squadron.

Special Requests

Donna shares, "He loves pretzels, sour cream chips, chocolate chip cookies, potato chips, anything homemade, any healthy snack and loves to share."


How To Join Our Team!

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Our Angels are packing it all in this month for our Troops! Enjoy the photos of some of our Goodie Boxes! Thank you, Angels, for keeping fires burning!!

From Angel Peggy...loads of delicious snacks and fun things heading to Team Jared! Thank you, Peggy, for your continuing loyalty to our Troops!

From Angel Cindy...I baked up a storm this month and included some fun things, too,