Team Echo Baking Angels

Featuring 1SG Robert Herfel as our June Nominee

* See Team Updates Below! News from Robert!

Cindy's Baking Angels is proud to be able to serve Team Echo this month! Their deployment is nearly over and we have time to shower them with our special TLC before they head home.

A little about Team Echo

Robert and his Afghanistan based Battalion are very excited about our support. He writes, "I want to thank you and your organization for sponsoring Soldiers who are deployed.  It really is amazing and wonderful when people whom we don't even know are willing to do nice things for the troops, and it does make the Soldiers feel very good, so thank you again."

Herfel shares, "Echo Company 1-3 ARB is a Forward Support Company for an Attack Aviation Battalion.  We provide fuel, ammunition, ground vehicle and equipment maintenance support, food service support and while deployed, provide force protection for the camp and also control the helicopter landing zone.  Pretty much, we don't fly, but we are the reason the pilots are able to fly as we provide almost all of the support they need to do their mission."

Special Requests:

As for special items, Robert writes, "I don't know that we would have any special requests, but if I had to say a few things, toiletries, baked goods, or even small "ready to heat" things will be wonderful around the end of our deployment.  Our dining facility is going away shortly so anything that isn't an MRE will, I'm sure, be greatly appreciated by our Soldiers." 

"Thank you so very much for what you and your angels do for
our Soldiers.  I have been doing this for about 19 years now, and can
say without a doubt that organizations like yours mean a great deal to all of us."  

I'm sure our Baking Angels will be able to supply Team Echo with goodies that will get them through their final days of deployment in style! Cindy's Baking Angels is proud to be able to serve our Military and we wish them all a very safe journey.

Team Updates:

News from Robert!

Cindy and Angels Team,

Echo Company has received quite a few boxes of goodies and our Soldiers are definitely appreciative of all of the homebaked goods as well as other things we have received. It is really wonderful to have the support of so many great people who are willing to do things for deployed Soldiers.

Everything that you and your baking angels have sent has been absolutely wonderful and very sincerely appreciated. May God Bless all of Cindy's Baking Angels and their Families. Have a great day.


Robert A. Herfel


Team Echo is shipping! 13 members on our team so far and room for 7 more! I hope you'll consider joining us.

Pictures are arriving from team members and I want to thank them all for their generosity and time in making this such a memorable team for our Troops!