Team Doug & Battle Buddies' Baking Angels

Featuring Douglas Schuler

* See Team Updates Below!

Semper Fi Sisters, our Partner and Affiliate, nominated Army Troop Douglas Schuler and his Unit of all male Battle Buddies for this month's team. A very special plea went out that Doug and his Battle Buddies are in need of A LOT OF TLC. Due to the sensitive nature of this particular nominee, no other background information is available.

Special Requests

Semper Fi Sisters shared that they are very low on supplies. Hygiene products seem to be in good supply, but food items (microwaveable), snacks, and magazines would be a big bonus to these Soldiers.

Randi, from Semper Fi Sisters shared, "As one of SFS Board of Directors, I can say we are appreciative when other organizations reach out to help another organization with a project. Thank you!"

Team Updates!

April 4, 2014: Our Angels are shipping to Team Doug & Battle Buddies and some pictures are arriving! Check out the lovely Goodie Boxes heading to Doug and his friends. Thanks to all our Angels for your care and love of our Military!

From Angel Angie...Assorted microwave meals, mac & cheese, Hersey Kisses, tooth brushes, deodorant, chocolate chip almond cookies. Thanks, Angie, for these marvelous goodies!

From Angel Yasmin....yummy banana bread in a jar along with other snacks is heading to Team Doug! Thanks, Yasmin, for all YOU do for our Troops!

From Angel Jean...loads of snacks and microveable meals for Team Doug! Thanks, Jean, for your support!!

From Angel Alejandra...30 apple caramel, 60 oatmeal cranberry, and 30 semi sweet plain chocolate cookies heading to Team Doug! Thank you, Ale, for the delicious goodies!!

From Angel Virginia...chocolate chip cookies and a batch of
snicker doodle cookies along with 6 Hormel meals ready to eat are on their way to Team Doug! Thank you, Virginia, for your support!

From Angel Peggy...2 pillowcases, toffee, popcorn, pop-tarts, corn nuts, sunflower seeds, oatmeal packets, candy bars, cheez-its, cookie packets, trail mix, granola bars, hot chocolate packets, assorted gummies & hard candy and a Thank You card. Thank you, Peggy!

From Angel Cindy...Reese's Brownie Smoosh, homemade pillowcases, and Ghiradelli Chocolate Chip-Pecan Cookies!