Team Dirty Dozen Baking Angels

Featuring 1LT Tony Nash as one of our March Teams!

* See Team Updates Below!

A little about Team Dirty Dozen

Welcome Tony and his 12 Battle Buddies! Tony surprised his team with a surprise Ugly Christmas Sweater themed party. What a fun diversion for our Troops and some really cute sweaters!

Tony's nomination came by way of one of our very own Angels, Sue Dreifus! Thanks to Sue, Tony's brother, Kevin Sitek, a Veteran, and Tony's mother, Teresa Nash, for assisting in the creation of our team! True teamwork makes this happen!

Tony writes and shares, "The Afghan Fires Center of Excellence (AFCoE) trains Afghan National Army Soldiers and Officers in tactics, techniques and procedures for the use of fire support systems in combat. The overarching premise of the AFCoE is to increase and expand basic literacy, leadership, and core competencies from individual to collective training, enhancing the proficiency of our partnered nation’s Soldiers and building capacity through partnership."

Special Requests

Tony claims to not have any special requests, but his mom suggests Oatmeal Cran Raisin cookies! Tony also mentions that they would enjoy some healthy treats, too!


Team Updates!

News from Tony!

April 2, 2014: Tony shares, "They just ALL came in you and the angels are amazing!!! The internet here is not the best so it's hard to send picture but I will keep trying to send them."

Our Angels are hard at work preparing their Goodie Boxes for Team Dirty Dozen! Shipping has begun and a few pictures are beginning to surface. Thank you to all my Angels for your superb support!

From Angel Angie...Girl Scout cookies, Granola Bars, Tuna, Gum, Puzzle Book, Craisins and Beef Jerky are on their way in this lovely Goodie Box! Thank you, Angie!!

Angel Donna S. has been very busy this month! Three layers of goodies are heading to Tony this month! Thank you, Donna! Appreciate your continued support!

From Angel Sue...another yummy Goodie Box heading to Tony! Love the variety and I'm sure it will be a hit! Thank you, Sue, for your wonderful support!

From Angel Peggy...Toffee, Oreo bark, 2 pillowcases, trail mix, granola bars, popcorn, mac & cheese, nacho fixings, hot sauce, rip ties, hard candy and a Thank You card. Thank you, Peggy for your continued support!!

Angel Donna P. (Diamond Crushher) is our resident Paleo baker and that will make Tony and his Battle Buddies very happy! Thank you, Donna for sharing your Almond Butter Chocolate Chip cookies and for your support of Cindy's Baking Angels!

Angel Cindy is shipping two boxes to Tony & his Battle Buddies! Three layers of Reese's Smooth Brownies, Rice Krispy treats, and cookies went into this goodie box! Enjoy, Tony!