Team Cowbells

This is my second entry as a Team Leader for and I'm thrilled to be able to contribute to such a wonderful organization.

Let me tell you a little about Team Cowbells Baking Angels.

Kristy writes, "I have been a nurse since 2004. I am an ER nurse and have been in the Army since I graduated college. I have been stationed in Germany, KY, and am currently in NC. This is my third deployment and we will be here just shy of a year (a long deployment for these guys). We should be headed home in Feb, so we have just passed the half-way point! We have quite a few people spread all over east Afghanistan. We work all hours of the day, some in shifts and others more on an as needed basis. In the med shed we tend to mainly work during the day but do get awakened at all hours of the night to address medical emergencies. The living conditions here are actually quite nice, but many of our guys live without many amenities. Getting packages and cookies from home always brighten the day."

Kristy also adds, "I have been typing in the med shed and my PA here is putting in his two cents and requesting soft chewy cookies, one with chocolate, one with peanut butter or a combination there of. We also like ginger....and for some reason he wants one with sprinkles...and healthy (actually, just tell him they are healthy and bake the tasty ones). We can't wait to see what makes it here!"

I can't wait to build this team so we can put a smile and send a bit of back home baking and/or other amenities to these deserving troops. Please note that baking is not required. There are many ways you can contribute.

I do hope you'll consider joining our team!  Once you've joined my team, I will send you detailed information on how to get started, tips for shipping and packing, types of things that have been sent in the past (baking and non-baked items), other tips from fellow teammates, and what's worked for them. This is great for Newbies as well as Veteran participants!

Team Cowbells members sent over 20 boxes of goodies to our Troops. This nursing medic unit enjoyed the TLC we provided from back home. Thank you to all for making this such a successful mission!