Team Combat Logistics Co. 13.2 Baking Angels

Thanks to all for your support!

* See our updates below!


Featuring SSgt. Chase Herring,

with assistance from Cpl William Shelton

I would like to thank Cpl William Shelton for providing information so that we could create Team Combat Logistics. He has been instrumental and we appreciate his efforts!

A little about Team Combat Logistics Co. 13.2

Cpl Shelton writes, "Team Combat Logistics Co. 13.2 is a company in charge of providing full logistical support to Combat Logistics Regiment 2. We provide medical care, maintenance and engineer support, supplies, and communications."

Shelton shares, "We are currently over 200 Marines and Sailors strong. At this point in the deployment we are beginning to find our daily routines and smooth out the rough edges that come with taking over where our prior group of warriors left off."

William adds, "We have been working hard and late hours to stay ahead in the fight. Many members of the company go to sleep as soon as they get to their living quarters just to get up and start the daily “hooking and jabbing” away at their work loads."

As our Angels can only imagine, "Mail call is always one of the most exciting parts of the day and we would be thrilled to see your package in the mail," says Shelton. 


* Team Updates!

Our Team has grown and we are now preparing for the shipping phase! Our photos below are from our Angel Team. Thank you to all for helping to make this holiday a special one for Chase and his Battle Buddies!

From Angel Talia....I'd love to dig into these! What a treat! Thanks, Talia!!

From Angel Judy...a lovely assortment of goodies for Chase and his Troops! The cards were made by students at her dance studio. I'm sure Chase and all will be thrilled with Judy's TLC. Thank you, Judy, for an awesome contribution!

From Angel Val...a lovely assortment of goodies mixed with some new reading material! Thank you, Val, for your wonderful support!

Angel Carol is shipping 3 boxes weighing 74 pounds to our Team! Chase is in for a huge surprise when all of our goodies start rolling in! Thanks, Carol, for your continued support!

From Angel Gloria of Gloria and her Angels packed 20 boxes of goodies to ship to all of the teams! Each team received 2 boxes each! Thank you Gloria and friends...your support is greatly appreciated!

From Ellen...4 great boxes filled with TLC heading to Chase and his Battle Buddies! Thanks, Ellen, for your wonderful generosity and support!

From Peggy....lots of fun surprises in store for Chase! Thanks, Peggy!

Box #1 from Cindy! A few extra surprises coming your way, Chase!

Box #2 from Cindy is filled with Reeses's Brownie Smoosh, Ghiradelli Chocolate Chip-Pecan cookies, Lemon Sugar cookies, Ginger cookies, Rice Krispies Treats, and a surprise butterscotch, I think!