Team CLC Baking Angels

Featuring SSgt Samantha Hess ~ April Round 51 nominee!

Please see updates below!

This month, we're proud to support Marine SSgt Samantha Hess, Motor Maintenance Chief. You may recall when we sponsored Team Leatherneck, with MSgt David Billa's Maintenance Group, back in 2011. This is a return visit but with a whole new crew!

SSgt Hess writes, "Combat Logistic Company is supporting all 3rd echelon Maintenance. We have about 200 with 30 females." Life is very difficult for Samantha and her Maintenance crew.

Samantha shares, "My Marines put in some heavy hours and all I can say is I get up at 530 and get home around 2100.  As of right now everyone is feeling a little under the weather (health wise) from the winter weather and rain.  They’re starting to get better though.  They work extremely hard together and love the feeling of fixing a truck way before the deadline!"

Our Marines are really looking forward to receiving our Baking Angel TLC. Hess says, "I've informed our Marines about your group and they're ecstatic.  The females are more excited than males because they've seen what they're limited to out here as far as feminine products are concerned."  

Wish List Requests:

Samantha mentions a few items that her crew would appreciate receiving.

"As far as their wish lists go, the females talk about razors with the lotion or gel attached, feminine hygiene products, and candy.  The men talk are pretty self-sufficient and are always talking about junk food, Pringles, chips, Cheese-its, jerky, etc."

I know we can brighten the lives of our Marines with your help! Won't you join us and bring some relief and smiles to our dedicated soldiers?


Team Updates!

Samantha's packages are flying out the door as fast as our Angels can pack them! Here are a few photos of what's being sent! Thank you to all our wonderful team members for your dedication to our Troops!