Team Task Force Brawlers' Baking Angels


Featuring 1SG Mark Carl as our February 2013 Nominee

1SG Carl writes, "We are a helicopter maintenance company here in the mountains of southern Afghanistan. We are an attack helicopter unit. We have AH-64 Apaches but my company performs maintenance on Blackhawks and Chinooks also. We work some long hours trying to keep the aircraft flying to support the ground forces and the local Afghan citizens. So when the troops get time off anything to help them unwind is a great benefit. It would be great if your organization could help and sponsor us. We have 80 males and 7 females with us here in D Co."

Team TF Brawlers

Marks shares, "Our Company is known as the Death Dealers and our motto is Torque This, we are part of Task Force Brawler and our original Battalion is known as the Vipers."


This is a YouTube video involving TF Brawler on a previous deployment. They write, "Task Force Brawler, an aviation unit of the 3rd Infantry Division, takes a slow and dedicated approach to create relationships with people in Logar province, Afghanistan."

Team TF Brawlers

Team TF Brawlers don't have a particular wish list, but do tell us that they "like NASCAR and football, but as for baking, coconut, oatmeal, walnuts, pecans things like that."

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4-8-13: News from Mark!

Mark sends his thanks to our Baking Angel Team!

He writes," Thank you so much! All of the boxes have arrived. They have all been eaten up now. It was a great treat! Y'all have done so much for us. We really appreciate all of the treats and messages. Thank you for the support!"

March: Shipments are heading to Mark's doorstep! Thanks to all for your wonderful response! Here are a few photos of what our Angels are up to and sending.

A shout-out to Elite Electronic Engineering in Downer's Grove, IL for all the goodies you sent! A huge thank you to Kathy for spearheading this drive. Our Soldiers will be most appreciative!