Team Alpha Co Blackhearts Baking Angels ~ August 2014

Featuring Tyler Perez

Kris Perez, Tyler's mother, is very proud of her Army son. Thank you, Kris, for nominating Tyler for one of our August teams! Our Angels will take good care of him and his Battle Buddies!

A little about Tyler and Alpha Co Blackhearts

Tyler hails from Grass Valley, a little gold mining town in Northern California. Kris writes, "He is a member of 82nd Airborne based out of Fort Bragg NC. His MOS is 11C Mortarman and this is his first deployment. He just turned 23."

The Alpha Company "Blackhearts" are a part of the 2nd Battalion 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment.

Kris shares more about her son, "Tyler played four years of football, but his senior year he decided he wanted to be an Auto Mechanic. He graduated and went right on to a trade school and graduated from there with the education he wanted.

He had always talked about joining the military, but we thought when he went to the trade school that was what he wanted. After he graduated, he got the "Dream Job" to go with his education. It wasn't enough. He wanted to make a difference in this world."

Mom writes, "He joined the Army just 3 months after getting the dream job. He wanted to go overseas to save the guys who were protecting our country. But then decided the medical training would take too long. So he became "One of those guys protecting our country."

Angels, let's bring our traditional Angel TLC to Tyler and his Battle Buddies and show them how much we appreciate all they do for our great country!

Special Requests

Kris writes, "Choc chip cookies, blond brownies-no frosting, yogurt dipped pretzels, slim Jim's, jerky, Gatorade single powders for water bottles,bean dip & Fritos,oh, and peanut butter cookies too." That's a list I'm sure we can fulfill!