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Featuring SFC Jay Hartman & PFC Christopher Soto as our November Nominees

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A little about Jay....

Jay hails from Virginia but was raised in Missouri. He says, "I'm just a simple Missouri farm boy, about to retire early next year after this deployment is over. We are with HQ, 2 BSTB. 1st Cav division out of Fort Hood."

Another fact about Jay is that he is a "Tough Mudder!" He's run 18 so far and when he returns home wants to run two more in Texas! You can see a glimpse of Jay running with the flag through the electroshock obstacle with the flag on the Tough Mudder homepage. Check out the video intro!

Jay also wants us to know that, "I cannot thank you enough for what you do. Any kind of love that our guys get from the states is always welcomed, and lets us know that we are appreciated. The majority of our guys don't have spouses or kids back home, so they rarely get mail, or anything from home unless they order it."

We couldn't agree more with Jay! Our Angels are here to help bring you some wonderful TLC to these deserving Troops!

Hartman shares, "We are a group of about 30, that acts as the planning, coordination, and execution of a wide range of missions, assaults, raids, route clearances, etc. Anything they need, we jump in and get the job done! Most of the guys here work 12 hour shifts, but in their off time, when they are not crashed out, they are found in the gym running on the treadmills or seeing who can lift the heaviest weights. You know how us guys are! We have a mix of everything with us! City boys, country boys, etc. Overall, we are just one big family!"

A little about Chris....

Chris writes, "I am from Bronx, New York. I've been in the Army for over a year and a half and my MOS is Infantry. Also, when I get to stay in contact or meet people like yourself, it reminds me of why we do the things we do and serve our country. At times we need some motivation and you guys provide plenty! Anything you guys send us is enough. I will be sure to let my battle buddies know about all that you guys do from way over there in the states."

Special Requests

Jay writes, "I guess if I had to say something, it'd be the basic items, toothpaste, hygiene stuff, you know? But anything would be used and appreciated on our end." And of course our baked goodies are appreciated!

I'm sure our Angels can provide the basic items and a whole lot more!

"I wanted to thank you for all that you do, and let you know that we all can't wait to come home. It's awesome that you all appreciate what we do out here. It's not a glorious job, but we are all proud to serve our country and keep it safe for all our loved ones back home," writes Jay.

And we are honored to be able to support our Troops during these trying times.


Cindy's Baking Angels are gearing up to ship some wonderful goodie boxes full of TLC for our deserving Troops. A few pics are beginning to come in. Thanks to all my Angels for all YOU do to support our Military!

From Crystal....yummy Vegan Gingerbread Loaves with Orange Ginger frosting and Vegan Peanut Butter Whole Oat cookies! Thank you, Crystal for all YOU do!

From Yasmin...4 great boxes filled with exciting goodies for Chris! Thank you, Yasmin, for your wonderful support! FYI, Cindy's Baking Angels supported her husband, Jose, while deployed. It's great having her join us for new rounds!

From Peggy....See those pillowcases? Peggy always ships homemade fresh ones to our Teams! Thanks, Peggy for your awesome support!

From Donna....layer 1...looks like some cool toiletries for Chris!

From Donna....layer 2....snacks!!

From layer! Thanks, Donna!

From Cindy

From Cindy....layer one ...Ghiradelli brownies, Reese's Chocolate Chip Brownie Smoosh, Ghiradelli pecan chocolate chip cookies.

From Cindy...layers two and three...Ghiradelli Chocolate chip w/walnuts and pecans cookies.

From Cindy....all boxed up ready to go!