Team Air Wolf Baking Angels!

Featuring Eric Halstrom

Eric receiving the Bronze Star! Congratulations, Eric!!

MAJ Eric Halstrom is an aviation officer for the Brigade 1-25 SBCT, otherwise known as the Arctic Wolves. The above photo is taken at his Brigade headquarters. Eric's missions deal with all the aerial aspects for the Brigade. Eric writes, "We are here in Afghanistan doing what we can to take the fight to the enemy."

Eric also writes, "I commissioned in the Army as a Blackhawk pilot in 1999 from University of Washington ROTC. I've been assigned twice to Korea, to Honduras, and to Germany for 6 years. This is my 4th deployment, the first to Afghanistan in 2005, then to Iraq during the surge in 2007/08. Then back to Iraq for a few months in 2009. I'm currently deployed with 1-25SBCT to Regional Command South, just to the west of Kandahar."

Eric's brigade is "assigned to Fort Wainwright, AK, and is the northern most located brigade. We deployed to Afghanistan in May 2011 to support the continued efforts to stabilize the country, to help ensure that terrorists are unable to wage attacks against the US from there anymore. Our efforts will help to stabilize the country and allow them to help more into the 21st century."

"I am responsible for the Brigade Aviation Element (BAE) as well as the Airspace Defense / Airspace Management (ADAM) sections of the brigade. It is our job to manage all aspects of aviation for the brigade. The BAE works to schedule / coordinate all air movements for personnel, cargo and equipment around the battlefield. The ADAM works to ensure the airspace over our area is properly managed to ensure the safe movement of aviation assets. Both jobs are time consuming and critical to ensure the success of our mission in Afghanistan. As we are the Arctic Wolves, the BAE/ADAM goes by the "Air Wolf" call sign."

Eric is appreciative of our efforts in bringing a little bit of home to his Brigade. "It sounds like you and your girls have a great organization to help out my fellow service members with goodies from home. It's always good to have some fresh baked, tasty treats from folks who care about what we are doing here."

The Brigade has a few special requests, “Talking to the guys, we have a request of some old style peanut butter cookies, some chocolate chip of course and some home made bread; especially some cinnamon raison or some good cheese bread. What we get here is pretty worthless, so it would be great to make some sandwiches with some good homemade bread. We appreciate your effort in this.”

I hope you will join me in this round as we make this final mission for Brigade 1-25 SBCT one to remember. Eric will be returning home in early spring and this round times perfectly for his departure. Their mail stops mid-March.

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