Team Air Pirates Baking Angels

Featuring CPT Charles Neveau

* See Updates below! News from Charley!!

A little about Team Air Pirates

This month, Cindy's Baking Angels is proud to sponsor CPT Charles Neveau and his Air Pirates, otherwise known as unofficially the Dustoff Derelicts!

Charley writes, "Our company is a  UH60 MEDEVAC company.  We have pilots, medics, crew chiefs, and operations guys.  We are actually spread out all over Afghanistan but 4th FSMP (the Airpirates) and HQ are here at Salerno.  We provide rapid response MEDEVAC coverage to the Salerno bowl supporting the Tigersharks (10th Mountain DIV) and TF No Mercy (101st ABN) and various other entities.  We do a lot of waiting for calls which gives us ample time to eat cookies, then go to the gym and work it off :)  We are a mix of Oklahoma and Texas National Guard soldiers."

For more information about C Co.2-149th Medevac, check out their Facebook page. Here is a photo taken during a training session.

View their latest video ~ behind the scenes training and operations at


Special Requests

Our Air Pirates say they aren't picky but love quality treats. They have mentioned a couple of favorites they'd like us to consider.

Some of the favorites are chocolate chip cookies, Rice Krispy treats, and pecan pies.

Team Updates:


News from Charley!

Goodies are arriving by the truckload! Thank you so much! There have been so so many great items cookies, pizza, brownies, rice krispy treats, but I need to specifically highlight some pecan cupcakes which might be the best I've ever had. So the guys at the hospital whom we work with pretty regularly have noticed the mountain of goodies we have and would be interested in being sponsored at sometime in the future, should I send them your contact information?
Thanks, you all are amazing!!

Team Air Pirates are shipping! 17 members on our team so far and room for 3 more! I hope you'll consider joining us.

Pictures are arriving from team members and I want to thank them all for their generosity and time in making this such a memorable team for our Troops!