Team Task Force Brawlers Baking Angels

Featuring 1SG Mark Carl as our July Nominee

See Team Updates below!

We are proud to be able to serve Team TF Brawlers once again. Their deployment is nearly over and we have time for one more round!

They are excited about this opportunity and Mark writes, "We would be honored if you sponsored us again. Y'all were a great hit the last round of all those cookies and such.  We have some other units that we are working with that I can provide the cookies with as well."

As you can see there are a whole lot of Soldiers out there that need our Baking Angel touch! I hope you'll join me as we create one delicious final round of treats for them!  

A little about Team Task Force Brawlers

1SG Carl writes, "We are a helicopter maintenance company here in the mountains of southern Afghanistan. We are an attack helicopter unit. We have AH-64 Apaches but my company performs maintenance on Blackhawks and Chinooks also. We work some long hours trying to keep the aircraft flying to support the ground forces and the local Afghan citizens. So when the troops get time off anything to help them unwind is a great benefit."

Marks shares, "Our Company is known as the Death Dealers and our motto is Torque This, we are part of Task Force Brawler and our original Battalion is known as the Vipers."


This is a YouTube video involving TF Brawler on a previous deployment. They write, "Task Force Brawler, an aviation unit of the 3rd Infantry Division, takes a slow and dedicated approach to create relationships with people in Logar province, Afghanistan."

Special Requests:

Team TF Brawlers does have a some suggestions for goodies...

Healthy snacks are requested as are anything with pretzels, granola, and fruit are a hit with the Troops. Check out our Cindy's Baking Angels Wish-list on Amazon!


Team Updates:

7-9-13: Shipments are flying out the door to Mark! He should be receiving our goodie boxes soon, thanks to all of my Baking Angels!

A couple of pictures have surfaced so far and I'm hoping to see more from my Angels :). Thanks to all who are making this such a successful month!