Team 4-7 Cavalry Baking Angels

Featuring PVT Miguel Guardiola

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Pvt. Guardiola hails from Grand Island, NE and was recently deployed to Korea. His mother is so proud of him and shares some insight into Miguel's life. We hope you will consider supporting Miguel while he is so far away from home.

She writes, "This is Miguel's first time away from home for any significant amount of time other than boot camp. He has one older brother, Antonio, who both were raised by their mom and step father. His older brother is also in the Army and joined one year prior to Miguel and is stationed in Washington, DC. Miguel and Antonio have other siblings and they both are extremely family oriented young men and value their relationships with their siblings."

"Miguel is an extremely good-natured young man with a huge heart and would do anything for anyone. He is funny and extremely personable. He was sent to Korea with a couple of his buddies from boot camp."

She adds, "Miguel is an avid reader. He loves to read about as much as he loves music and video gaming. He loves the author Rick Riordan. One of the series he desires is called the Kane Chronicles and the other is Percy Jackson."

Miguel's Favorite Items to Consider:

Gummy Bears, Hershey Bars, Reese’s Cups, Gatorade (individual drink packets that you add to water), chocolate and peanut butter cookies, Scotcharoos, Chocolate Chip Muffins, Funyuns by Frito Lay.

Books: Percy Jackson (Olympian series)  and Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan

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Our Baking Angels have begun shipping and we have a few pictures to share! Thank you to all of our Angels for their dedication to our Teams! Miguel is going to be amazed and will feel our special TLC!