Team Task Force BOWIE Baking Angels ~ September 2023

Featuring Ryan Anderson

Thank you all of our Angels for your incredible support! Team Task Force BOWIE is now closed for registration.

Ryan Anderson with Dad, les (Retired Army)

A little about Team Task Force BOWIE....

Many thanks to Lesly Anderson for referring his son, Ryan, for our support this month! Our Angels are looking forward to supporting Ryan and his Buddies.

Les shares, "My son, Ryan, joined the Army in 2006 and spent eight years with three tours in Afghanistan, then joined the Arkansas Army National Guard in 2014.  Since serving with the Guard he has had one tour in El Salvador and is currently deployed with the 39th Infantry Brigade serving between Poland and Germany with Team Bowie as a Liaison with the allies in the European territory. This will be his last deployment Lord willing.  The picture you see of him and I was taken in 2016 before his deployment to El Salvador, and the second was of him, my wife and I during the send off back in January. Today he is a Sergeant First Class and team leader."

"The majority of the Soldiers you will be supporting on Task Force BOWIE are from the 39th Brigade of the Arkansas Army National. There are others on the team that are with the New York Army National Guard and the Missouri Army National Guard. Most of these Soldiers have civilian jobs ranging from Probation Officers, Electrical Engineer for Entergy, Salesman for Little Debbie, Land Surveyor, a couple of business owners and College Students," writes Les.

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