Team Phoenix Bats & Bees with Ramon Brigantti

Thank you to our 29 Angels who shared their love and TLC with Ramon and his Battle Buddies!


See Team Updates Below!! New photos in from Ramon!!

Ramon sent us a new picture of his Battle Buddies enjoying our Angel Goodie Boxes. Love seeing those happy smiles and knowing we have made a difference in their lives. It's a very good feeling, let me assure you. God Bless, Ramon, and Team Phoenix Bats & Bees!

Ramon (left) and his Battle Buddies are enjoying our Goodie Boxes! Deliveries are being made and we have over 30 boxes coming his way! Enjoy the love and know you are all in our prayers. Safe journey to all and a huge blessing for all YOU do to protect our freedoms!

Typically, takes a breather during January due to the fact that we have such a long December shipping period.

Ramon reached out to me for support and how could I turn him down? With Bakinggal's support, we are running a very special January Team! I'm counting on my Angel network to join and ship their wonderful TLC to Ramon and his Army Engineers and Seabees!

A little about Team Phoenix Bats & Bees

Ramon, a University of Chicago grad student, hails from Chicago and writes, "We are comprised of Army Engineers and Navy Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB= Seabee). We are a joint effort to train Afghan Army engineers. As an Engineer Brigade Advise and Assist Team (EBAAT) comprised of Seabees, you get our motto- Bats and Bees. Our Army folks are from Hawaii and our Seabees are from all over the states."

Ramon explained to me that their Army team is "joined at the hip" to the Navy Seabees. "Seabees are the Navy's construction crew. All salt of the earth guys and gals."

Special Requests

Ramon shares, "Baked cookies go like gangbusters here. Coffee/tea/drink mixes are also a huge plus."

I do believe my Angels can fulfill these wishes very easily!


Our team of Angels has really grown and with it some pictures are beginning to come in of their goodie boxes. Thank you to all my Angels for supporting this special January team! Your contributions and love of our Military are very evident!

From Angel Donna....another Goodie Box on its way! Thanks, Donna!

From Angel Marjorie...very busy creating these luscious cookies and goodie boxes for our Team. Thanks, Marjorie, for your support!

From Angel Virginia! Yummy cookies on their way to Ramon! Thanks a bunch, Virginia!

From Angel Cindy...Rice Krispy treats with chocolate and confetti sprinkles and my homemade Molasses, Ginger, Ranger cookies along with some Reeses' Smoosh Bars! Enjoy, Ramon!

From Angel Cindy :)...a mix of fun and practical!

From Angel Peggy....her homemade pillowcases and treats are always a hit! Thank you, Peggy!!

From Angel Sue...yummy delights for any Troop! Thanks, Sue!!