Team Phantom Medics Baking Angels ~ June 2014


Featuring HHC 31st CSH Medics

Thanks to Teena for her nomination and assistance with Team Phantom Medics!


A little about Team Phantom Medics

Team Phantom Medics work in a combat support hospital. According to, "A combat support hospital is a modern medical marvel. It can be erected relatively quickly, almost anywhere, and it can accommodate hundreds of wounded soldiers at one time. Treating traumatic injuries that require surgery is the main function of a combat support hospital, with immediate transport to a fixed medical facility far from the battlefield as the second most important mission of the hospital unit."


Aerial view of Ft. Lewis Combat Hospital in 2000.

Our recipients are OR Technicians, Combat Medics, Nurses, etc. Teena says, "They are like a modern day M*A*S*H!" This is the next generation of the Mobile Army Surgical Hospital. Typical MASH canvas tents have been replaced with with more durable walls and roofs and they have the advantage of much better technology, plus ample air conditioning. Our team has approximately 12 Soldiers, both male and female.

Special Requests

Teena mentioned that there are no PX facilities. They can always use hygiene items, and they love spicy snacks (hot cheetos is a fave). Socks, summer cooling fun stuff.



Our Angels are packing it all in this month for our Troops! Enjoy the photos of some of our Goodie Boxes! Thank you, Angels, for keeping fires burning!!

From Angel Cheetos per Team Phantom request! Thanks, Val!!

From Angel Mary Ann...perfect mix of goodies of the fun and practical! Also included were cookies!! Thank you, Mary Ann!!

From Angel and flavorful are the theme of the day in this goodie box. Thanks again, Peggy!!

From Angel Cindy...loads of homemade cookies and brownies, chex mix, and more are heading to our Troops!