Team Never Quit 2/6 Baking Angels ~ December 2015

Featuring Cpl Francis Brock, Jr. and SGT Travis Kimble

* See Team Updates Below!

Cpl Francis Brock, Jr., (left) and SGT Travis kimble (right)


Photos from our troops! look at those smiles! that's our reward in itself!

A little about Team Never Quit 2/6

Two great friends are our recipients for Team Never Quit 2/6 this month! Many thanks to Rachel Brock for nominating her son, Francis and his Buddie Travis! Our Angels will surely shower them both with some incredible goodies and help make this holiday very special for them and others!

Rachel shares a little about Travis and her son. "It is my pleasure to introduce to you Corporal Francis Brock Jr. and Sergeant Travis Kimble. Two great men that when you are around these guys you laugh so much your stomach hurts. Their duties are endless and you can count on them through and through. They are both with H&S Co. Communications and are being deployed on a MEU soon and will be gone through the Holidays. Also, Corporal Francis Brock's birthday is November 10th, the Marine Corp Birthday."

Rachel sheds a bit more insight into their military roles. "H&S Headquarters & Service Co. is responsible for managing the physical support of the battalion headquarters. They support and sustain the mission of the battalion and provide general service to the entire battalion.

Francis is from New Jersey and has been to Afghanistan where he received accommodations for service and was also Marine of the Month and Marine of the Week. He is a happy guy whom everyone loves to be around and expedites his job to the fullest."

"SGT Kimble picked up all of his ranks meritoriously, other than SGT. He went to Okinawa, Japan on his first deployment.  He would do anything he could to help somebody and is a very caring, sweet, funny, and hard working young man."

Special Requests


Team Updates!

Team Never Quit 2/6 Angels have been working hard to create a very special Christmas for our Team! Enjoy the photos of their labors! A huge thank you for your support and I'm looking forward to working with you next year!

From Angel Gloria and all her friends! Gloria had her own "Bake, Pack, and Ship Party" and showered all our teams with her baking delights and more!

From Angel Peggy...homemade pillowcases and treats for our Troops!

From Angels Susan, Amy, Sandy, Carolyn, and Cindy! We get together each month for our "Pack & Ship for the Troops." Baked goods and comfort items are packed and this year we had a very special project! "Helmet Beanies for the Troops!" Local Knitters' Nest at Fountaindale Public Library in Illinois along with Gloria and Nancy from Florida provided lovely caps for our Troops! Additional items were provided by Angel Mary and Val! Thanks to all for making this a spectacular holiday for our men and women!

From Angel Selena...handmade delights for our Team!

From Angel Marty...tasty goodies and games for our Team!

From Angel Ann...lovely selection of homemade delights and fun for our Troops!

From Angel Mary...terrific snacks and goodies for our Team!