Winter Helmet Beanie Project 2020!

Our Helmet Beanie Project is now open! Deadline for receipt is extended to November 20th!!


From Angel Heidi to one of our December 2016 Teams

We had such a great success with our 2019 Holiday Helmet Beanie Project for our Troops that requests are coming in for additional Helmet Beanie hats for our upcoming winter teams! Our Troops need your Angel support once again!

Our deployed Troops really can use some warm head gear! Knitters and Crocheters are needed to create these special Helmet Beanies. I hope you'll consider supporting this project and feel free to share it with others!

We are seeking "Off-duty" and "On-duty" hats. "Off-duty" hats are less restrictive, but natural fibers must always be used. 


From Angel Gloria Helmet Beanies

From Angel Gloria...Thank you for your contributions!





Courtesy of

Many thanks for all YOU do,
Cindy Zamirowski

* Here are some of our past Angel creations!

From Angel Nancy L...beautiful beanies for our Deployed. Thank you, Nancy!

From Angel Heidi...beautifully crafted soft woolen helmet beanies! Thank you, Heidi, for your ongoing support!

From Angel Dawn...thank you for supporting our Winter Beanie Project!

From Angel Catherine...thank you for your support!

From Angels Leah and Phyllis...thank you for your support!

From Angel Nancy....thank you for your support!

From Angel Patti...thank you for your support!

From Angel Rolanda...thank you for your support!

From Angel Susan....thank you for your support!

From Angel Heidi...beautifully handcrafted helmet beanies sure to be enjoyed by many Troops this winter! Thank you, Heidi, for your awesome support!

From Angel Theresa...lovely helmet beanies for our Troops to help keep their heads warm this winter. Thank you, Theresa, for your incredible support!