Team MURPH Baking Angels ~ August 2021

Featuring Chaplain Stephen DeMik

* We've received an incredible thank you from Team Murph! Thank you, Angels, for your wonderful support!


A little about Team MURPH...

Many thanks to Chaplain Paul Ferguson, Jr. for referring Chaplain Stephen DeMik for our support this month! Last November 2020, our Angels supported Team Chaplain's Office. We are proud to be able to lend support to Team MURPH!

Chaplain Stephen writes, "Crew of USS Michael Murphy (DDG-112). We are sailing through the end of 2021, into 2022. As a Reserve Navy Chaplain, I was activated to join Team MURPH in June 2021, just before we began our deployment. My wife, kids, and congregation back home (Cypress Chapel; Cypress, TX) all miss me, and I'm hoping to bring encouragement and peace through my presence on board. Any touch from folks back in the states is a significant boost to moral and mission readiness. As a Chaplain, I fully understand how important these kinds of touches are throughout this extended time away from family and friends."

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