Team Chaplain's Office Baking Angels ~ November 2020

Featuring Chaplain Ferguson

* Our Team is now closed. Many thanks to all our Angels who supported them this month!

A little about Team Chaplain's Office...

Many thanks to Jennifer Ferguson for referring Chaplain Ferguson for our support this month! Our Angels will take very good care of him and his fellow Chapel Team. We are honored to be able to support them during their important mission.

Chaplain Ferguson writes, "We are the Chapel Team for the 379 AEW. Our Chapel Team is made up of males and females, Officers and Enlisted. We have come from all over the United States and we are here to support the thousands of troops that call AUAB home during their deployment. We offer spiritual care and often talk to our deployed military members about resiliency. 

Many times throughout the day people stop by to say HI and chat with the staff that makes up the Chaplain’s Office. 

It would be an AWESOME treat for those folks that stop in to be blessed by some baked treats - truly a 'taste of home.'

Our Religious Support Teams are also out and about in the individual units visiting and counseling with other deployed military members. Anytime we can take a 'treat' it helps brighten the spirits and attitudes of those we see." 

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