Team 313th Military Police Detachment

"Justice League" Baking Angels ~ July 2014

Featuring U.S. Army Captain Monty McCoy

* See Team Updates Below!

Cindy's Baking Angels is proud to have been a supporter of Team Justice League! Cpt McCoy presented us with a very special treasure...a flag and certificate. This flag was flown over Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan on September 11, 2014, in support of Operation Enduring Freedom by the 313th Military Police Detachment "GATEKEEPERS, All In-Never Fold".

Thank you, Monty and all your Troops for this beautiful sentiment. It is very much appreciated!

A little about Team 313th Military Police Detachment "Justice League"

This month, our Angels will be supporting the "Justice League" from Las Vegas, Nevada! We are honored to have the opportunity to serve our Military Police and to bring them our special Angel TLC.

CPT McCoy shares a bit about their role in the Sand Box. "The 313th MP DET is a United States Army Reserve (USAR) Law and Order Military Police Unit from Las Vegas, NV is composed of Military Police Investigators, Traffic Accident Investigators, Physical Security Specialist, Protective Service Detail and Special Reaction Team members."


McCoy writes, "The unit is in Afghanistan performing U.S. Customs Operations throughout Afghanistan in support of the U.S. Military and Coalition Forces Retrograde. The unit's mission is vital to sterilizing cargo and personnel returning to the United States to insure that no illegal contraband enters the United States via military transport. The efforts of this unit denies criminal enterprises the use of U.S. Military transports to introduce illegal goods into the United States, and insures that the United States agriculture remains free of foreign pest and foreign biological threats."

For more information on the 313th and their mission, CLICK HERE!

Thank you Commander and the 313th for your service and for your protecting vigilance.

Special "Comfort Item" Requests

Life in the Sand Box requires some special needs and Monty shares this list of "comfort items" that will make their jobs and days a bit easier.



Team Updates!

Captain McCoy is in for some fine Angel TLC this month. Our Angels have begun shipping and I'm looking forward to more photos soon! In the meantime, here is what we have so far :). Thank you, Angels!!

From Angel Angie...patriotic boxes filled with candy, edamame, granola bars, homemade sugar cookies, pixie sticks, and kettle corn are sure to be a hit with our Troops! Thank you, Angie!

From Angel Sue...favorites of any Troop! Thanks, Sue, for your continued support!

From Angel Renee and friends...Much needed supplies and goodies heading to Cpt. McCoy and his Battle Buddies!! Thank you, Renee!

From Angel Selena and her very special Angels! Everyone worked so hard to put together 7 Goodie Boxes for our Team! Thank you, Angels, for your loving support of our Military! We look forward to seeing you again on another Baking Angel Team!

From Angel Cindy to Teams Ridgerunners and Justice League! My second box of goodies are heading out the door on Monday! Reese's Brownie Smoosh, Rice Krispy treats, Ginger, Choc. Chip w/Pecans, and Ranger Cookies for our Troops!

From Angel and games plus some yummy snacks! Thank you, Peggy!