Team Immortal Ugly Angels Baking Angels ~ January 2021

Featuring CPL Savannah Poole

A little about Team Immortal Ugly Angels...

Cindy's Baking Angels is so proud to be able to support CPL Savannah Poole during her deployment this month. Melissa, her mother, referred her because we had supported her son, LCpl Justin Poole in 2019. Our Angels will take very good care of her and her Buddies just as we did Justin!

Melissa shares, "Thank you so much!! Savannah and comrades are super excited to be picked for this project!! Thank you all for all you do! My son, Savannah’s brother, was one of your troops picked for November 2019, while he was deployed, so we know the extents you all go to in providing little pieces of home for our military that is so far from home. Our family has been truly blessed by all of you! Thank you!"


"Savannah is half way through her first enlistment in the Marine Corps. Her hobbies include reading, shopping, being an incredible aunt to the most amazing little girls, and singing with a voice loved by all who have the opportunity to hear it. She is the first of our two Marines to make the decision to defend her country with honor. After many trials happening to her, from a broken hand in MCT training to hip surgery as soon as she reached her first PDS, she has overcome so much to get to where she is today. To say that we are proud of her is a complete understatement," writes Melissa. 

Melissa adds, "This group she is with is part of the 3rd MAW Division out of San Diego, CA. Their specialty is MALS16 GSE (Ground Support Equipment). They are comprised of a mixture of 1 Officer, 2 Staff NCO’s, 4 CPL’s, and 1 LCPL. This is a first deployment for each member of this group and the job description ranges from supply to maintenance. They are all very excited and honored to be chosen for this. Thank you all in advance for your love and generosity in supporting them! We are so proud of each one and honored to call them all Family." 

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