Team Dragon Slayers Baking Angels ~ December 2016

Featuring SGT Andrew Poellnitz

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A little about Team Dragon Slayers

Barbara Purvis is one proud Marine mother. We want to thank her for her assistance in creating Team Dragon Slayers! You may remember Andrew from his previous deployment with Team Havoc. Our Angels are looking forward to supporting Andrew and his new Unit once again!

Barbara shares some insight into her son's decision to join the military. "Andy has wanted to serve his country for as long as I can remember. His grandfather served 23 years in the Army and Andy could never get enough of hearing grandpa's stories.

The very day Andy turned 12, we signed him up for Civil Air Patrol. He went to every encampment that he could possibly attend including Glider, Powered Flight, Search and Rescue and National Blue Beret.

He spent many hours down at the local recruiting office during high school. He would sit and talk with them for hours and often do PT with them.

Just out of high school in 2008, Andy joined the Marine Corps. He has been stationed in Norfolk, Twentynine Palms, and Camp Pendleton. He has been deployed to Japan, Okinawa, S. Korea, and this is deployment number three to Afghanistan. Andrew has been in the Marine Corps for 8 years and is now on his 6th deployment.

Andy takes great pride in training his men. He takes responsibility for their welfare seriously. He is a man of high standards as well as a man of compassion. More than once while he has been deployed I have gotten the men NEED things!

Andy is the third of five children and is a twin. His twin brother serves in the Army as an EOD tech. His youngest sister is also currently serving in the Army. Andy was married a year and a half ago and just welcomed his first child into the world. Fortunately he was able to be home for a month with his wife and son before deploying."

We are proud to be able to be able to support Team Dragon Slayers and wish them all a very safe deployment and thanks for their service!

Special Requests


Our Angels sure did a phenomenal job this December and shipped amazing Angel Goodie Boxes to Team Dragon Slayers! Thank you, Angels! Enjoy some photos of their Angel TLC!

Team Dragon Slayers Goodies

Team Dragon Slayers Goodies Team Dragon Slayers Goodies

Team Dragon Slayers Goodies Team Dragon Slayers Goodies

Team Dragon Slayers Goodies Team Dragon Slayers Goodies

Team Dragon Slayers Goodies