Team Dawgs Squad Baking Angels ~ March 2024

Featuring Michael Lichty

News from Michael and Team Dawgs Squad!

"Dear Cindy’s Baking Angels, thank you so much for all the boxes of baked goods, snacks and personal items. My unit loved them! I was shocked at how much there was! There was something for everyone. It’s so awesome to see people doing this for us. Being overseas, a lot of times it’s easy to feel disconnected from people back home but it’s things like this that remind me that people still support the troops and have our back. Thank you again so much to everyone who helped, please continue to keep doing what you do, it means a lot to me and so many other people!

Much love from 527th MP Co.  Dawgs Squad!

SSG McNair
SGT Cobb
SGT Leal
SPC Belluscio
SPC Garced
SPC Lichty
SPC Milewski
PFC McKenzie 
PFC Verraneault"

A little about Team Dawgs Squad...

Cindy's Baking Angels wants to thank Shelly Lichty for referring her son Michael and his Buddies for our support this month! Our Angels are thrilled to be able to support them and will take very good care of them.

Shelly writes, "Michael decided he wanted to serve and protect as a police officer from an early age and never wavered in his plan. As a senior in high school he decided to first serve as an MP in the Army before joining the police force. His perseverance, determination and hard work both at school and to get into shape before boot camp was inspiring. Michael graduated as the Distinguished Honor Graduate of his class at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri."

"The 527th Military Police Company's mission is to provide security and law enforcement for their community," Shelly adds.

"In addition, 1st Platoon ‘Legionnaires’ and Michael’s Squad-The Dawgs, have recently been busy OJT’ing (On-the Job Training) with members of the Iowa National Guard. In 2023, Strike Company, including Michael’s Squad-The Dawgs, along with Marines from the 4th LE Battalion out of North Dakota, spent three weeks training the Ghanaian Armed Forces in basic dismounted Military Police Operations and Basic Rifle Marksmanship in operation #AfricanLion23!" shares Shelly.

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