Team CHAFEE O'HANA Baking Angels ~ November 2021

Featuring LCDR Gene Monnin

* Our Team is now closed. Thank you to all my wonderful Angels for your support!

A little about Team Chafee O'Hana...

Cindy's Baking Angels would like to thank LT Stephen DeMik of Team MURPH for referring LCDR Gene Monnin for our support this month. Our Angels will take very good care of Gene and his Sailors!

Gene writes, "I am a United States Navy Chaplain embarked on the destroyer USS Chafee (DDG-90). We have over 300 souls aboard who are underway for a lengthy deployment in the Indo-Pacific Region to patrol United States interests and to reassure our allies of our presence."

"The Sailors on Chafee are predominantly enlisted men and women who are experiencing all of the characteristic stressors of being away from home for 6+ months. While these Sailors have different "rates," and therefore do different jobs around the ship, they all share in common the fact that we have limited connectivity and are serving in the US Navy during a unique time with COVID threatening to deprive us all of one of the best things about being a Sailor: port calls! If COVID prevents these, then the Sailors aboard Chafee will be on the ship continuously, which increases the need for other healthy outlets for morale and recreation during such a lengthy deployment," adds Gene.

Cindy's Baking Angels are looking forward to showering your Sailors with a much needed morale boost. Thank you for the opportunity to do so!

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